How to avoid summer otitis: the magic of alcohol (70 or boricat)

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If you don’t want your children to have otitis this summer, in today’s health blog entry we explain the star advice of atrins and many paediatricians: after every morning or afternoon bath, put a pair of drops of alcohol 70 or boric alcohol in each ear. There are even some brands that have marketed the product in a very practical format to use on children after bathing. But the classics never fail. “The alcohol stays in the ear for a minute and when it comes out, it takes the moisture with it, which is what facilitates the infection, especially at this time of the year,” explains Dr. José Manuel Colio, otorhinolaryngologist from Ribera health group in the Hospital of Dénia.

This is the most effective recommendation to prevent the dreaded otitis media. We are talking about children, because they are the ones who spend the most time in the water this time of year, but these otitis externa, as Dr. Colio explains, do not discriminate by age. “These are infections caused by a bacterium, pseudomonas, which is usually not very aggressive, except in patients with diabetes, but it is very painful,” he explains. This is because it causes the swelling of a part of the external ear canal where there is very little space between the skin and the bone “so it does not tolerate the inflammation well and, therefore, it hurts so much”.

This bacteria finds its accommodation in the moisture of an ear where the water has not completely drained or has not dried well. That’s why it’s important to use alcohol, so that hard-to-reach areas are as dry as possible.

Treatment of otitis: drops yes

Sometimes, even the use of alcohol does not prevent these odious otitis, which hurt so much and make several days of bathing miserable, especially for the little ones. In these cases, Dr. Colio assures that the main treatment is the drops. “There is no debate. The drops must be used to treat otitis, in addition to an analgesic because, as we have explained, it is a very painful condition”, he points out. He also explains that it is important to clean the ear well of secretions and wax so that the drops reach the inflamed area. “They don’t reach the middle ear, and they act on the duct in which otitis externa occurs, so they are totally recommended,” he says. Only occasionally, in an extraordinary way, and always with a medical prescription, an otitis of this type may require antibiotics, if the infection is very strong. “In general, however, drops, painkillers and avoiding baths for a few days are enough,” he says.

You can see all the tips to take care of your children’s health this summer in this one video. Dr. Colio talks about how to prevent otitis media from approximately minute 13.55.

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