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How Oxygen Plans to Use its Series A Funding

Oxygen, a fintech startup, recently closed its series A round with $17M in new financing. This is a major milestone for the startup as it will provide them with the resources to continue their mission to provide banking solutions for small businesses.

Let’s take a closer look at how Oxygen plans to use their new financing and who is involved in the funding round:

Fintech Startup Oxygen Raises $17M in Series A Round

Established in 2021, Oxygen is a San Francisco-based startup focused on creating the infrastructure to develop and deploy software-defined networks (SDNs). Through its proprietary technology platform, Oxygen seeks to bring the advantages of cloud computing to network solutions that enable customers to be more agile and competitive in their respective markets. With its Series A funding of $5 million secured in March 2021, Oxygen is primed to conduct research, expand its team and services, and develop innovative solutions that deliver freedom, trustworthiness and savings.

Led by an experienced executive team with over a decade of combined experience managing large-scale enterprise deployments and developing leading edge cloud technologies, An unprecedented level of expertise backs oxygen’s commitment to providing the highest service levels. From venture funded startup networks (including international implementations) to Fortune 500 companies with existing deployments that need migration path management (including multiple Vendor/Partner PoAs), Oxygen has a solution set fit for any situation where enterprises desire stricter control or scalability over their SDN platforms or when just looking for cost savings. Our goal is to help business models maintain flexibility while driving down cost with our ever expanding portfolio.

Series A Funding

The fintech startup Oxygen recently raised $17M in its Series A round, a major milestone for any startup. With this new funding, Oxygen has plans to expand its reach and further develop its technological core. This additional funding will be a major boon for the company and allow it to grow and innovate in ways never before possible.

Let’s take a closer look at how Oxygen plans to use its Series A funding:

Overview of Series A Funding

Series A funding is the first stage of gaining capital investments for a business. It is usually for startup companies in need of additional growth capital. Companies often issue preferred stock to raise money from angel investors or venture capitalists at this stage. Depending on the company, Series A may be accompanied by additional financing rounds – such as a Series B or C – to acquire more capital for further growth and expansion.

A Series A round typically aims to raise money to pay for operations, product development and sales & marketing activities. Companies generally use the funds from these investments to continue developing their products, hire staff and increase their marketing efforts, aiming to increase the company’s value over time.

Oxygen’s recent Series A funding round was led by Primary Venture Partners and provided $15 million in total financing. The strategic investment will enable Oxygen to expand its leadership team, double down on innovation in digital products and services, and pave the way for continued, rapid growth across global industries. This range of new capabilities will also help Oxygen accelerate its efforts toward revolutionising how companies operate with AI-driven modern solutions focused on customer success and efficiency and optimization unprecedented in today’s market.

How Oxygen Plans to Use the Funds

Oxygen plans to use its Series A funding to accelerate the growth of its innovative product line which includes the world’s first home oxygen concentrator, the OxygenHub, and other connected healthcare products. The company will focus on product development, marketing and sales of these products.

With the additional funds, Oxygen will expand its engineering team as it continues to develop more innovative products that enable easy access to oxygen therapy. The company also intends to expand its sales and marketing capabilities by increasing demand generation initiatives such as direct-to-consumer activities, digital advertising and distributor partnerships.

Furthermore, Oxygen intends to use a portion of the funds for clinical trials to validate its home oxygen therapy solutions’ effectiveness for long-term chronic respiratory illnesses such as COPD.

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from this funding round is set aside for future investments in strategic alliances with other health care vendors and partnerships with healthcare providers that can help further enhance Oxygen’s offerings in the marketplace.

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Expansion Plans

Fintech startup Oxygen recently raised $17M in its Series A round of funding, which it plans to use to further grow its team and expand its product offering. Oxygen, which provides digital banking services to small businesses, is ready to take on the challenge of the current banking landscape and will be investing its funds to increase the impact of its services.

Let’s look at what exactly Oxygen plans to do with this funding:

Expansion of Product Offerings

Oxygen is planning to expand its product offerings with this Series A funding. This expansion can be done in two ways: by developing new products and expanding our existing product range.

  • Developing new products: The investment will go into researching and rapid prototyping to develop a pipeline of innovative and industry-leading products. This could include pioneering technologies such as the development of app-controlled devices or utilizing technologies from other fields such as AI, Machine Learning, etc.
  • Expanding existing product range: The Series A funding enables us to invest in more research and development and quickly bring products to market that provide value and expand our competitive advantage. We plan to remain ahead of the competition with advances in both hardware and software technology solutions. Furthermore, increased sales volume through larger market access will help us achieve better economies of scale for greater profitability margins.

In both cases, we are confident that this Series A funding will enable us take advantage of expanded opportunities for growth and consolidate our competitive advantages further into a global leader in product offerings.

Expansion of Team and Resources

Oxygen’s Series A funding will provide necessary resources to expand our team and deepen our capabilities to better serve our customers. The new funds will allow us to hire more personnel to build a larger, more effective team. Additionally, the increased resources will enable us to purchase tools and services needed to deliver top quality products and services.

With the help of our expanded team, Oxygen plans on furthering its research initiatives and increasing future innovations through product development initiatives. We plan on increasing the number of employees dedicated to delivering sales, customer support, marketing strategies, programming solutions, etc., allowing us to better reach our target customer base near and far.

Also, part of the increased funding will be used towards expanding oxygen geographically by opening branch offices or partnerships in various parts of the globe such as Europe or South East Asia. This will help Oxygen scale its operations and increase its revenue streams through improved market visibility and potential new revenue-generating relationships with local customers. In addition, with oxygen’s expanded presence in more geographies, we can quickly jump on opportunities for our products in these regions and gain access to top-level talent that would benefit breathing life into our project roadmap objectives.

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Impact of Funding

Fintech startup Oxygen recently announced that it had raised $17M in its Series A funding round. This is significant and will provide the company with the resources to increase its operations and further its mission to revolutionise financial services.

In this article, we will explore

  • how this funding will impact Oxygen’s operations
  • how it can help propel the company forward.

Impact on the Fintech Industry

Oxygen’s Series A funding of $12 million indicates that the company is looking to disrupt the traditional financial services industry with its mobile banking platform. This new influx of capital will help Oxygen accelerate product development and expansion into new markets and launch new products and services. Additionally, Oxygen plans to use this funding to continue making strategic hires, including engineering and customer experience experts.

The mobile banking sector is one of the fastest growing technology industries. With the help of this latest round of funding, Oxygen plans to introduce a wide range of products and services that will challenge existing industry players. This includes a modern loan process which does away with paperwork and allows for near-instant underwriting decisions without compromising customers’ data security or privacy standards. Moreover, Oxygen aims to build on its existing user base by launching innovative digital banking products such as:

  • Enhanced investing capabilities
  • Spending reports
  • Real-time fraud monitoring services that are usually not provided by traditional banks.

Overall, this new round of fundraising allows Oxygen to focus on innovative ways to improve customer experience while also tackling challenges in the current financial landscape by offering secure and transparent fintech solutions like money transfers abroad at fractional prices compared to those charged by banks or money transfer agents. The impact that this brings could revolutionise how people access credit options, make payments and manage their finances in general.

Impact on Oxygen’s Customers

The recent Series A funding round allows Oxygen to improve the customer experience. Customers of Oxygen benefit from greater access to innovative products and optimal solutions. The increased capital allows us to widen our product portfolio, focus on research and development for new solutions, advance our customer service performance, explore new partnership opportunities, as well as increase scalability across geographic regions that contribute to providing a more secure and reliable experience for our customers.

Our investments in high-end machines will result in improved customer satisfaction in terms of response times for technical inquiries and increased capacity for faster processing of customer requests. We will also be able to allocate more resources into creating better customer experiences with expedited onboarding processes.

The investment will also help improve security technology and systems allowing customers to remain secure and protected when using our products and services. Finally, Oxygen plans to invest in marketing initiatives that promote product features and benefits related to existing solutions, while simultaneously launching new products into the market.


The recent $17M series A round of funding for the fintech startup Oxygen marks an important milestone for the company. It signals the beginning of Oxygen’s ability to expand its operations and further develop its product offerings for its customers. This funding round can also help Oxygen to solidify its standing as a leader in the fintech space, put it on the map, and make it more attractive to other investors.

In conclusion, Oxygen will be able to leverage this funding to propel the company forward in its mission to revolutionise the banking landscape.

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Summary of Oxygen’s Series A Funding

Oxygen, the Seattle-based technology company, recently closed its Series A funding round of $25 million. The funding will be used to grow their existing software suite and develop new products. This financing round was led by an experienced venture fund and included participation from several key private investors.

This strategic use of capital will help Oxygen focus on its current platform development—a comprehensive suite of asset management applications that provide real estate investors with greater insight into their investments. In addition, they aim to make it easier for property owners and developers to understand the location-specific dynamics that impact the success of an investment.

Additionally, the capital will be utilised to establish a solid foundation for Oxygen’s upcoming expansion into industry-specific products and services such as Proptech and Deeptech solutions for the residential caregiving industry. Oxygen plans to leverage its previous traction in this space to create new possibilities in caregiving. Through data collected from existing providers, Oxygen is poised to implement groundbreaking technologies that could improve efficiency in this sector while also providing valuable insights that could inform better decision making at all levels within the healthcare system.

Oxygen recognizes that investment requires commitment as much as money. Therefore it is focusing on recruiting talented team members who understand their mission and will drive innovation and long-term success across all areas of their business operations.

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