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How Orum’s automation will improve outbound sales workflows

Orum is a software company that recently raised $25M to automate outbound sales workflows. This announcement could be incredibly beneficial for businesses, especially those in the sales industry. Automation of workflows can streamline processes and lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness.

This article will explore how Orum’s automation can improve outbound sales workflows.

Overview of Orum

Orum is an outbound sales automation tool that simplifies traditional sales workflows. It automates SMTP relay setup, customer segmentation, email personalization and event-driven behaviour. By automating those items, Orum provides sales professionals with a streamlined way to generate more income without spending more hours in the trenches.

The platform helps connect customer insights to maximise conversion effectiveness. User interface is designed to be used quickly and effectively even by inexperienced users. Step-by-step guidance allows users to efficiently set-up campaigns and monitor results in real time while auditing results to ensure accuracy of A/B testing.

Using machine learning, customer insights can be quickly identified, allowing marketers to craft highly personalised images by targeting segmented customer types based on previous engagement patterns. Furthermore, with real-time analytics automatic optimization can proactively make suggestions to the marketing team for better targeting and higher conversion rates.

Overall, Orum provides a reliable platform for outbound sales teams to manage automated campaigns with ease and improved efficiency and provide data-driven optimization capabilities for increased ROI on promotional campaigns.

Overview of outbound sales workflow automation

Outbound sales teams have a fundamental challenge; how do you ensure your team is making calls, responding to prospect emails and keeping up with lead generation initiatives, something that’s almost impossible without a system? This is where Outbound Sales Workflow Automation (OSWA) comes in. OSWA allows sales teams to streamline their workflows and improve efficiency by automating mundane, repetitive or time consuming tasks.

By leveraging OSWA, outbound teams can automate lead generation activities such as prospecting lists, qualifying leads, email outreach and follow-ups. Doing so will free up valuable staff time and allow sales reps to focus on engaging with prospects demonstrating potential for customer conversion. Additionally, OSWA makes phone calls easier by streamlining tasks such as selecting the right script or knowing who to call first or when.

Moreover, with Outum’s automation tools you can guarantee your team performs every step of process efficiently whether this is asking for referrals from satisfied customers or tracking timing of delivery of quotes or any elements of deal closure – set parameters could automatically trigger all these. An increased flow of data will be captured using dashboards designed to monitor each aspect of the process through one single point which provides a detailed analytics report capable of identifying areas requiring improvement thus enabling data driven decisions based on real life insights about what works and what does not for outbound operations.

Overall, Outum’s automation solution helps outbound teams make well-informed decisions by offering intelligent insights derived from data collected through automated routes This makes the entire workflow process smooth and results in better working conditions for everyone involved – sales reps and customers alike!

Orum raises $25M to automate outbound sales workflows

Orum, a sales automation and analytics platform, recently raised $25M to automate outbound sales workflows. Automation using Orum’s platform can benefit sales teams, from freeing up time to reducing manual errors and helping sales teams scale up and reach larger target audiences.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of automation using Orum’s platform.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Automation can increase efficiency and productivity by allowing employees to focus on more important tasks. By taking mundane tasks off their plate, employees have more time to focus on complex work, think strategically, and innovate. Automation can also eliminate tedious paperwork and streamline processes — freeing up time that would otherwise be wasted on data entry.

Moreover, automation can provide the fastest possible feedback and product iteration to stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment. Automated communication and follow-up procedures ensure that customers don’t get overlooked or put on the backburner and maximise sales opportunities. With new features added regularly, automation makes it easier for organisations to stay ahead of the curve by rolling out updates quickly with minimal cost or disruption to existing operations.

Not only does automation offer faster iteration cycles which allow companies to stay relevant in rapidly changing markets, it also reduces manual labour inputs needed for daily operations — reducing labour costs for businesses.

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Additionally, automated workflows can self-test their processes to identify problems quickly and easily — eliminating costly manual error checking that may harm performance or results. Finally, automation helps improve security measures by providing audit logs that show which users accessed what information when — enabling organisations to remain compliant with various industry regulations while minimising risk of data breach incidents or security issues.

Improved customer experience

Automation of outbound sales processes can significantly improve the customer experience. Outbound sales teams benefit from automation by making customer interactions more personalised and efficient, while customers benefit from a seamless, streamlined buying experience. In addition, automation of outbound sales processes reduces the time and energy spent on mundane tasks so that teams can focus on providing exceptional customer service and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Automation also enables sales representatives to spend more time engaging in meaningful conversations with potential buyers instead of sending generic emails or handling mundane administrative tasks.

Automation for outbound sales activities such as email, calls, and follow-ups helps create personalised interactions at scale by using targeted messaging with dynamic content for targeted prospects. This process also simplifies data tracking for improved intelligence about customers to deliver more accurate recommendations based on individual customer needs and preferences. Additionally, automation tools like Orum give users complete control over who receives what messages when – creating opportunities to adjust content schedules and optimise results in real-time.

Automation brings greater efficiency, speed, accuracy and reliability to all aspects of the outbound process – creating a higher quality conversation between customers and businesses that result in improved relationships leading to better success rates.

Increased customer retention

Automation is an effective and efficient way to improve customer retention. With automation, companies can quickly provide personalised and relevant customer services. In addition, automation helps streamline customer relationships by eliminating manual processes and developing automatic interactions that provide customers with the same level of service throughout their purchasing journey. This builds confidence in both the customer and the company, resulting in improved loyalty and sales.

In addition, automation can help businesses identify and target potential customers interested in their products or services. Automated marketing campaigns allow for greater accuracy in targeting these customers based on specific characteristics, further increasing customer retention. Automated sales activities can also ensure a smooth purchasing process for customers and provide a consistent experience across devices or channels. From automated order confirmations to updates regarding shipping status, automation ensures that companies remain connected with their existing customers during the entire purchasing journey.

Orum’s Automation Platform

Orum recently raised $25M to develop an automation platform to streamline outbound sales workflows. This platform will allow sales teams to automate lead generation, outreach, and follow-up processes.

Let’s examine how Orum’s automation platform will improve outbound sales workflow.

Automated lead generation

Lead generation automation is one of the most powerful and cost effective ways for businesses to create targeted lists for outbound sales workflows. At Orum, our lead generation automation technology simplifies this process with comprehensive data-driven insights that are easy to understand and use. Our platform focuses on four key areas: Lead Identification, Perfect Prospect Selection, Lead Conversion and Metrics Management.

Lead Identification: Our algorithms identify leads based on criteria such as industry, geography, demographics, etc. We use proprietary methodologies to ensure accuracy in generating accurate search results.

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Perfect Prospect Selection: Our lead selection process identifies the right leads by analysing the customer’s needs and interests using detailed data points like past purchase history or website visits. By leveraging real-time web analytics data, we help facilitate potential leads quickly with fewer manual interventions.

Lead Conversion: Automating your sales processes leads to faster conversions by eliminating manual tasks and streamlining campaigns. Our platform provides automated follow ups such as email personalization, SMS reminders and call notes so that agents can focus their time on engaging prospects instead of worrying about administrative tasks.

Metrics Management: Automated performance tracking helps you quickly identify your top performing campaigns so you can direct resources efficiently for maximum efficiency. A comprehensive reporting suite allows for more detailed review of business operations including costs per lead or revenue generated from leads tracking against Revenue Per Acquisition (RPA), Click Through Rates (CTRs) etc., ensuring visibility into performance metrics at all times which is crucial in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Automated customer segmentation

Orum’s Automation Platform provides an advanced tool for automatically segmenting customers based on their profiles. Segmenting customers allows sales teams to focus their efforts and resources on the most promising opportunities.

Utilising powerful machine learning algorithms and data science capabilities, Orum’s Automation Platform can automatically segment customers based on various criteria such as age, geographic region, buying habits, credit score and more. With automated customer segmentation, sales teams can quickly and accurately identify the right target audience for their outbound sales campaigns. As a result, they can more effectively create compelling messages that will resonate with the targeted prospects.

Furthermore, teams will be able to save time by avoiding manual entry of contact information, which can often be tedious. Additionally, with automated customer segmentation capabilities in place, teams will have access to timely insights about the performance of their marketing campaigns which will help them make informed decisions quickly.

Automated customer outreach

With Orum, customers can quickly and easily automate customer outreach through personalization, segmentation, and powerful automation technologies.

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Through our automation platform, customer segments can be dynamically managed in real-time so that interactions reach a broader range of buyers with personalised content that matches their needs. Automating outbound sales workflows also speeds up manual effort by allowing users to easily program common prospecting tasks such as outbound emails, texts and calls without manually entering data multiple times or being left waiting for vital information.

Orum also provides sophisticated reporting and analytics on each prospect’s responses and behaviour. This allows sales reps to quickly assess which channels are most successful and fine-tune the customer outreach based on customer feedback for future campaigns. With comprehensive metrics such as open rate, click-through rates, conversation rates, responses tracking and lead grade tracking available at the click of a button, reps can customise the content they’re sending based on their prospects’ current actions or past behaviour to create highly targeted and effective campaigns.

Orum’s $25M Funding

Orum, a leading provider of CRM automation software, recently raised $25M in funding to help automate outbound sales workflows.

This new round of funding will give Orum the resources they need to continue to develop their technology.

In this article, we will discuss the implications of this funding and how it will improve outbound sales workflows.

Overview of the funding round

Orum, Inc. recently announced the closing of a $25-million funding round led by Expa, with participation from Valar Ventures, Point72 Ventures and Global Founders Capital. Orum is using this latest round of funding to expand its platform capabilities and enhance product development, while also investing in optimising outbound sales workflows with a focus on automation.

The funds will help enable Orum to fuel its growth by expanding the reach of its core product suite while continuing to lead the automated outbound sales market with even more comprehensive solutions. This latest round of financing will also be used to further develop the company’s personalization and intelligence capabilities via artificial intelligence technologies for large enterprises requiring much larger scales and small- and medium-sized businesses needing adapted solutions.

With this influx of capital from strategic investors, Orum aims to deliver groundbreaking products built upon their proprietary machine learning platform—to help accelerate large organisations’ outbound sales automation process from data capture, prospecting through to deal closure. The round was oversubscribed by 50%, indicating strong investor confidence in Orum’s capability for continued success and growth trajectory.

How the funding will be used

With its latest round of funding, Orum provides technology that enables sales teams to automate outbound workflows and fully leverage sales automation for better customer interaction. The $25 million fund will further develop and enhance Orum’s outbound-oriented automation solutions, allowing companies to manage their sales team interactions with buyers more effectively than ever. Additionally, the funds will be put towards expanding the company’s global presence and hiring more personnel to handle their growing customer base.

The investment in Helios will further enable Orum’s vision of transforming the relationship between sellers and buyers through automated workflows that allow sellers to quickly find relevant content, access various data sources like LinkedIn or Salesforce to engage buyers in meaningful conversations personalised at scale. In addition, this new funding allows Orum to expand into new markets and strengthen their focus on existing ones where they can impact sales performance through dynamic automation-powered activities.

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