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How Much Money has Deliveroo Raised?

Deliveroo is a leading food delivery app that has revolutionised how people order food worldwide. Deliveroo is making it easier to satisfy those cravings from the UK to Australia with just a few clicks.

Recently, Deliveroo raised an impressive amount of $180M in funding, which they will use to expand their reach and innovate. Let’s take a closer look at the company and its funding.

Deliveroo Food Delivery App Raised $180M

Deliveroo is one of the most successful food delivery startups in recent years, having raised more than $1.53 billion in funding since its inception in 2013 and becoming a publicly listed company in 2021. Operating out of the United Kingdom, Deliveroo has quickly expanded to more than 500 towns and cities across 12 countries, including France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

The company’s innovative business model combines technology with personalised service to provide customers with a seamless “restaurant to doorstep” delivery experience. Ordering is made easy through the mobile app which offers an extensive selection of popular restaurant menus ranging from local favourites to exclusive gourmet options.

In addition to its founding £30 million series A funding round by venture capital firm Index Ventures in 2013, Deliveroo has since raised multiple rounds of investment from big-name backers such as Accel Partners, DST Global and Fidelity International, as well as SoftBank Group Corporation and Amazon. The company went public on 14 April 2021 through a direct listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Funding Rounds

Deliveroo is a technology-driven food delivery app growing rapidly in recent years. As of June 2020, the company has raised over $180M in funding across 8 rounds. This article will provide an overview of all the funding rounds that Deliveroo has gone through and the investors that have been involved in them:

  1. Round 1
  2. Round 2
  3. Round 3
  4. Round 4
  5. Round 5
  6. Round 6
  7. Round 7
  8. Round 8

Series A

Series A funding rounds involve the initial round of venture capital financing for a business. This is usually when a start-up has demonstrated its concept, built a viable product and established its initial traction.

Deliveroo raised £30m in its Series A funding round from Accel Partners, Hummingbird Ventures and Index Ventures in 2013. This forms part of Deliveroo’s total raised equity funding amounting to £2bn according to Crunchbase.

The subsequent rounds that followed this include:

  • Series B ($220m – July 2015)
  • Series C ($385m – January 2017)
  • Series D ($982m – March 2019)
  • Series E ($575m – June 2020).

Series B

Deliveroo raised its Series B funding on August 13, 2013, from Index Ventures and Accel Partners. The round brought the total amount of capital invested in Deliveroo to £10.3 million. Deliveroo was then valued at £47 million with the Series B financing round. With this investment, the company expanded its business and team to grow market share and technology capabilities.

The Series B round also aligned several key technology investors such as Octopus Investments and Hoxton Ventures alongside current investors Accel Partners and Index Ventures. It also saw some European angels join, including Erasmus Venture Fund and Bart Swanson, founder of Alibaba (Jack Ma). This provided additional funds for building out the product proposition and enabled marketing initiatives to propel growth in London and other cities globally.

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Series C

Series C funding is the third stage of a company’s financial journey. By this time, the company should have a working product and the potential to generate revenue.

In Series C rounds, investors seek evidence that the product works and has market potential. As such, this stage focuses on achieving specific goals – such as demonstrating sales progress, scaling up operations and expanding into new markets – rather than developing a new product or service.

Deliveroo raised €385 million in its Series C round in August 2018. Fidelity International and other investors including T Rowe Price Associates Inc., Anchorage Capital Group and Lead Edge Capital led the round. This will accelerate Deliveroo’s growth in new markets and further invest in proprietary technology that allows customers to order food from more restaurants quicker than ever before.

Series D

Deliveroo has completed several funding rounds over the last few years. However, their Series D round, which took place in 2019, was their largest. This particular round secured $575 million in investment, with participation from lead investor KKR, delivery company DPDgroup, Amazon—a major online retail leader—and various other financial firms.

Following its Series D funding in February 2019, Deliveroo was valued at over $2 billion and announced plans to expand into new markets such as Australia and Mexico. The funds from this round were primarily used to support the startup’s international ambitions, with expansion a particular focus for Deliveroo’s executive team.

This latest funding round placed Deliveroo’s total capital at around $1.53 billion since its inception in 2013. With a 12% share of the UK market and profits coming in faster than expected, Deliveroo could be well on its way towards being one of Europe’s most successful delivery companies.


Deliveroo, the UK-based food delivery app, has successfully attracted investors. In 2015, they raised a whopping $180 million from investors such as Accel Partners, Index Ventures, and Hummingbird Ventures. This makes Deliveroo one of the world’s most heavily funded food delivery apps.

This section will dive deeply into who has invested in Deliveroo and how much money they have raised.

Major Investors

Deliveroo has raised $1.53 billion in funding across 8 rounds from 9 participations. This includes $641.2M of Series G funding from investors such as Fidelity Management and Research Company, and T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc on Jun 8, 2020, taking the total equity investment count to 4 participants at Series G and boosting their valuation to $7 billion.

Notable previous rounds include:

  • Series F at $250M on Oct 17th, 2019 (led by Amazon)
  • Series E at $590M on May 16th, 2019 (led by Lead Edge Capital)
  • Series D at $385M on Aug 15th 2018 (led by Durable Capital Partners)

Deliveroo has had strong support from Accel with leading the series A and B rounds in 2013 and Lead Edge Capital leading the series C round in 2015. In addition early-stage venture capital funds such as Hummingbird Ventures, Index Ventures and Hoxton Ventures have taken part in several investments over the years up until 2017 when Greenoaks Capital took part in its series D investment round. Major corporate investors like Amazon, Fidelity Management and Research Company and T Rowe price have also participated through its later stage venture capital investments.

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Other Investors

In the past 12 months, the online food delivery service Deliveroo has raised close to $580 million in funding rounds from investors including Amazon, T. Rowe Price Associates, Durable Capital Partners, Fidelity Management & Research Company, and previous investors such as Index Ventures, Accel Partners and DST Global.

While the company’s largest investor is Amazon, other notable investors include Hanaco Venture Capital (a subsidiary of Korean internet giant Naver), Greenoaks Capital Management and LT Growth. Notable venture funds in Deliveroo’s round include Hoxton Ventures and Firstminute Capital. Additionally, during its previous funding round, the company was reported to have added two new investors – Mubadala Investment Company and Hillhouse Capital Group.

Total Amount Raised

Deliveroo, the on-demand food delivery app, has raised $180M in a Series D Funding Round. This brings the total amount of money raised for Deliveroo to over $1.5B.

Through this funding round, Deliveroo can further develop its platform and expand its services, allowing it to reach more customers in more countries.

Let’s take a look at how much money was raised and how it will be used:

Total Amount Raised

Deliveroo is one of the most successful startups of recent years, having raised a total of $1.53 billion in funding from several different investors, according to Crunchbase. This sum includes the latest injection of $575 million it secured in January 2021, which was joint funded by American private equity firm Durable Capital Partners LP and Rally Capital International LLC.

Since its launch in 2013, Deliveroo has become firmly established in the UK market with a presence in 12 countries worldwide. Early stage investments were spearheaded by Index Ventures and Accel Partners, while multibillion-dollar names such as Fidelity Management & Research Company LLC and TPD NV have also invested. Furthermore, Deliveroo has also received some notable video game industry investment from London Venture partners and Don Hinkleman (former CEO of Atari).

In addition to these larger investments, Deliveroo has opted for multiple smaller capital rounds made available by other venture capital firms such as Greenoaks Capital and Holtzbrinck Ventures AG. All these funding plays have helped deliver an impressive total sum that reaches $1.53 billion since inception as mentioned above.

Breakdown of Amount Raised

Deliveroo has raised $2.1 billion in funding and venture debt since its inception in 2013. This includes $1 billion from the company’s Series G round, and a further $485million from its Series F round. The other investors include Index Ventures ($475 million for Series E), Greenoaks Capital ($375 million for Series D), DST Global ($275 million for Series C), Accel Partners ($181 million for Series B) and Hummingbird Ventures ($3.7 million seed round).

Over the years, these investors have helped Deliveroo expand across Europe and Asia Pacific, making it one of the most successful global food delivery companies. Deliveroo’s $2.1 billion raise means that it has the most overall capital raised of any online food delivery platform worldwide, followed by French firm Just Eat Takeaway with over $2 billion. In comparison, U.S.-based DoorDash fell into third place with just over $1 billion.


In conclusion, Deliveroo, the food delivery app, has raised $180M in recent years. This funding has enabled the team behind Deliveroo to invest in the best technology, employ the most talented staff, and expand their services further. This funding has been instrumental in helping Deliveroo become the leading food delivery app.

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Summary of Deliveroo’s Funding Rounds

Deliveroo has had numerous funding rounds since its inception in 2013, having raised over $1.3B in investments. Deliveroo has had 10 funding rounds, including 9 venture rounds and 1 debt financing round.

The two most notable investor groups invested in Deliveroo include Amazon and T. Rowe Price. Together, these two groups have accounted for well over $510M of the total amount raised to date by Deliveroo. Additionally, eight other venture companies have joined the list of investors since the company’s founding, including Accel Partners and Index Ventures among others.

In 2018 alone, Deliveroo raised nearly 360 million British pounds (USD 460 million) from a combination of both new and existing investors in its Series F round. This marked a major milestone for the company as it was their single largest fundraising event to date, totaling more than double its previous record in 2017’s Series E round at 174 million British pounds (USD 232 million).

This last funding round has propelled deliveroo into a leading position within food delivery markets worldwide. With their success come great expectations however; much is expected from the company about building out their product offering even further as they expand into new markets wherever possible.

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