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How is Crowdbotics different from other app development platforms?

Crowdbotics is a platform for the simplified development of web applications and mobile applications. App development can often be a complex and costly process without the right platform and support. Crowdbotics provides an intuitive drag-and-drop app builder interface that allows users to quickly generate an interactive application and access expert developers who can take on more advanced tasks or provide guidance when needed.

Unlike other app development platforms, Crowdbotics offers complete visibility into the status of your project and its cost at all times. Through our Dashboard, you can track changes to your project in real time, add or remove features as needed, adjust scope or timeline with our Clear Requests feature, and always receive an accurate overall budget for your entire project and each individual request or task. This ensures you’re never caught off guard by unexpected fees or delays due to extraneous activities.

Crowdbotics also provides a powerful collaboration feature which allows multiple stakeholders across different departments within an organisation to work together on projects in real time. Users can easily identify team members working on specific features and quickly reference any changes being made through an automatically generated version history log which can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world without requiring additional installations or compatibility issues preventing them from collaborating efficiently.

Overview of Crowdbotics

Crowdbotics recently announced a $40M fundraise to turn ‘ideas into code’ with their managed app development platform. The company is a leader in the application development space due to its innovative approach to development and ability to quickly and efficiently turn ideas into code.

What sets Crowdbotics apart from other app development platforms? That’s what we’re going to dive into in this article.

What is Crowdbotics?

Crowdbotics is a platform that aids development teams in agile software engineering. This platform takes the guesswork out of development tasks while keeping the core activities intact. In addition, it streamlines processes and automates building and integrating new features, helping app developers to bring products to market more quickly and efficiently.

Crowdbotics sets itself apart from other app development platforms; it uses an intelligent micro service-oriented architecture that integrates modern cloud-based services to facilitate faster and more efficient collaboration between developers and managers. In addition, Crowdbotics covers the entire product lifecycle, from planning to launch, by utilising project management tools like Kanban boards and Git version control software.

Rather than writing code from scratch or hiring developers who are already experts in a specific programming language or framework, Crowdbotics allows users to build their application with templates tailored for their project needs so they can get up and running quickly–for example, if you need an online marketplace or user authentication system for your app–Crowdbotics can provide out-of-the-box components accordingly.

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This significantly reduces the time spent designing projects using the platform’s scaffolding tools.

At each stage of product development, Crowdbotics helps stakeholders understand the roadmap while taking care of common tasks so teams can move forward without getting bogged down in details. The platform organises coding into independent steps with self-contained efforts that allow users to focus on specific levels of design at one time so they can ensure quality assurance throughout production cycles. Additionally, by providing intuitive communication channels that enable dynamic conversations across departments — whether its marketing launching campaigns, customer support responding to bug reports or data analytics collecting user feedback — all of which tie back into a unified collaboration process within Crowdbotics’ centralised management system.

How Crowdbotics is different from other app development platforms

Crowdbotics is an app development platform that provides a number of distinctive features and capabilities that make it stand out from the crowd. When designing and launching an app, Crowdbotics gives developers the flexibility to create a unique, professionally designed product quickly, in whichever way suits their needs best.

Most notably, Crowdbotics offers flexible contract pricing to ensure teams only pay for what they need. This payment structure ensures projects stay within budget so developers can focus on their work instead of worrying about their finances. In addition to this cost-saving feature, Crowdbotics also helps speed up turnaround times for projects by drastically minimising upfront technical investments and providing helpful pre-built components and templates to jumpstart development.

Crowdbotics’ customizable infrastructure also allows developers to specify backend tools or services as needed without requiring time-consuming updates or deep technical knowledge. In addition, they provide users with built-in integration options such as payment processors, background workers, project monitoring tools, analytics providers, and hosting services like AWS & Kubernetes, allowing them to rapidly move from design conception through rollout.

All this makes Crowdbotics one of the most successful and effective app development platforms available today — suitable for any size organisation looking for a simplified yet reliable solution for building mobile or web apps with confidence.

The Benefits of Crowdbotics

Crowdbotics is an advanced app development platform that has recently raised $40M in funding. It provides access to a managed app development platform, allowing users to easily translate their ideas into code.

This platform offers several benefits compared to other app development platforms. Let’s take a deeper look into the advantages of Crowdbotics.

Automated coding and testing

Crowdbotics platform differentiates itself from competition by offering a unique, automated approach to code generation and app development. This automated process significantly reduces the time and complexity of developing an app, making it easy for businesses to rapidly build powered, cloud-based technology solutions.

With Crowdbotics, manual coding is greatly reduced and the time required for coding is drastically lower than what you would experience with traditional development processes.

Crowdbotics’ software also automates testing and deployment of applications on various platforms. It offers powerful tooling that makes it easier for businesses to test their code quickly and efficiently. The platform’s testing framework limits the need for manual testing that would normally take long hours to complete. And because of its streamlined suite of tools, Crowdbotics products are delivered faster while improving overall quality assurance.

By making it easier to generate, test and deploy applications quickly, Crowdbotics saves businesses time in their development cycles and money in operating costs – empowering them to build more innovative products with less effort. In addition, this significantly simplifies app development for developers and business owners alike – further driving down costs associated with traditional development methods while increasing productivity at scale.

Faster development cycles

Utilising Crowdbotics, companies can accelerate their development cycle by leveraging the experience and expertise of a fully managed platform that builds, launches and scales their applications. With a consolidated platform for building an application, clients can access comprehensive services from start to finish with detailed insights about what went into each release. As a result, companies benefit from accelerated time-to-market, improved software quality through automated testing, and an overall decrease in costs due to increased efficiency compared to traditional development cycles.

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Crowdbotics can also provide developers with a suite of tools and templates to help reduce the learning curve for new projects. By providing full-stack support for all client needs, Crowdbotics enables companies to focus on innovation rather than worrying about the underlying infrastructure. With the ability to customise solutions from across the full tech stack – from databases and APIs through frontend development – businesses can quickly build applications that look professional after inputting only minimal effort into design.

Cost savings

Crowdbotics offers a simple, cost-effective development platform for building custom-tailored mobile, web and other applications. The platform automates the programming process, eliminating the need for expensive software engineers and drastically reducing coding effort and cost.

Our platform is so efficient that businesses can often deploy a finished application in less than half the time it would take to develop with traditional coding methods and at a fraction of the cost. This streamlined process includes pre-made application components that adapt to your unique product requirements, allowing development teams to stay agile while shipping great products faster.

In addition to cutting out middlemen such as software engineering firms, Crowdbotics also offers a subscription service that drastically reduces the total costs associated with app development. We offer flat-rate pricing based on monthly user count which means no unexpected fees or invoices – businesses can keep costs low by paying only for what they need when needed.

Lastly, our service also allows developers and business owners to collaborate on an application’s development anywhere in the world; this eliminates hefty travel costs and technical resources often required by more traditional programming methods.

Crowdbotics raises $40M to turn ‘ideas into code’ with managed app development platform

Crowdbotics recently raised $40M in a funding round from investors such as Bessemer Venture Partners and GGV Capital.

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This capital infusion pushes Crowdbotics to the forefront of software development and could potentially revolutionise how apps are created.

This article will explore what sets Crowdbotics apart from other app development platforms and how the company plans to use its $40M in funding.

Overview of the funding round

Crowdbotics, a platform for app development and management, managed to secure $40 million in Series B funding from Susa Ventures. This financing round was enabled by the company’s remarkable success in providing productive end-to-end software development services to organisations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Susa Ventures led the round, with participation from existing investors including Cowboy Ventures, Resolute.vc and Momentum Partners.

Crowdbotics has emerged as one of the top app development platforms owing to its unique approach that enables rapid development, scalability and most importantly, cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. The platform replaces traditional web and mobile app engineering teams with an automated assembly line powered by its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine and provides on-demand access to proficient full stack engineers for custom builds. These benefits collectively allow businesses of all sizes to produce viable digital products at high speed and low costs.

This additional capital will accelerate Crowd Biotics growth further by delivering better infrastructure packages for potential customers, introducing new technology tools and expanding operations into different geographies across North America and international markets such as South Asia and Europe. With this funding round concluded successfully, Crowdbotics will revolutionise how apps are released into the market and shape how businesses operate digitally shortly.

Use of funds

Crowdbotics recently closed a $40M Series B led by Industry Ventures. This infusion of capital will help the company expand its platform and continue creating opportunities for developers worldwide.

Crowdbotics is revolutionising app development with its premium cloud-hosted stack, which streamlines everything from user authentication and billing integrations to predictive analytics and customer success tools. This unique approach saves development teams time and money while enabling them to launch high quality applications quickly.

The latest funding round will expand Crowdbotics’s platform, allowing it to build additional features that further optimise development. New features in the works include improved user authentication and profile management capabilities and increased support for deploying serverless applications. The funds will also aid in boosting both customer base growth and internal hiring needs to further motivate technology innovation across customer-driven projects.

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