how do happy hormones affect the heart? And Shaio

Many times when doing activities such as exercising, visiting a new place, eating something rich or being with family or friends, the body reacts in a way that generates mental, physical and emotional well-being; this is because the body secretes hormones, which are chemical messengers that travel through the circulatory system to the organs and tissues.

There are many types of hormones that work in different ways in the body, some depending on the use and storage of energy, controlling the levels of substances in the blood, influencing growth and development, sexual function and playback and even in mood swings.

The latter are also called happiness hormones, a set of chemical structures such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin, secreted by the brain that affect emotions.

Cocktail of happiness and heart

The endorphin is a hormone known for its analgesic effects, since they are able to calm, reduce or eliminate pain and anesthetize the brain; it is mainly released when doing a sporting activity, suffering from extreme pain or going through a moment of tension. An excellent way to have high endorphin levels is to exercise at a moderate to high intensity, this not only releases hormones but helps to oxygenate the blood and keep the heart in excellent working order.

On the other hand, the serotonin it is the hormone responsible for controlling body temperature and appetite, although it also works as an emotional leveller, and to produce it you need a substance called tryptophan which is found in a balanced diet that includes cereals, but also it can be delivered in the middle of the exercise or through relaxation techniques.

The oxytocin a “love hormone” is responsible for the functions of desire and orgasm, but also helps to establish emotional bonds and personal relationships, which produces a feeling of tranquility and confidence, also reduces stress and anxiety, risk factors for cardiovascular disease or myocardial infarction.

Finally the dopamine it is a substance that is secreted when you are motivated, which is why it is related to competition and meeting or achieving goals. The functions of this hormone is to increase heart rate and pressure, regulate attention, sleep and motor activity.

How to activate these hormones?

Carrying out physical activity is essential to promote a healthy lifestyle and avoid risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. It is proven that during exercise, the brain secretes endorphin and dopamine, which act on the brain’s opiate receptors, which generates a feeling of well-being, and counteracts the levels of cortisol which is responsible for responding to stress, a of the factors for developing heart disease, for example.

In patients with physical illnesses, when exercising, the body releases substances called exercises, which act depending on the site of action, improving cardiac, pulmonary and muscular functions, helping the person to rehabilitate more quickly.

Hormone levels can also be increased by having a balanced diet; a diet rich in whole grains, vegetable oils, fish, and antioxidant-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits aid in the healthy production of these hormones.

Avoid excesses such as alcohol, tobacco and psychoactive substances as they can become addictive habits due to the similar effects it has on endorphins and dopamine.

It is important to emphasize that although they are often of great help to the body, they can also be a double-edged sword, because the increase or decrease of some of these hormones can generate a chemical imbalance in the brain that over time can generate mental and physical disorders, go to the doctor if you think it necessary.

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