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How Crowdbotics is changing the low-code landscape

Crowdbotics, a low-code app development platform, has raised an astounding $22 million in capital. This brings the total amount of money that Crowdbotics has raised to $29 million. The investment marks a major step in the evolution of low-code app development, with Crowdbotics leading the way.

This article will explore the impact Crowdbotics is having on the low-code app development space and how it is set to shape the industry’s future.

Overview of the Low-Code App Development Landscape

Low-code application development is a new technological concept that enables the development of applications quickly and efficiently, while staying within the organisation’s budget. This approach to application development enables organisations to create custom applications with little programming knowledge or coding experience.

Low-code application platforms aim to reduce the manual programming needed for software projects, allowing developers and software professionals to focus on their core competencies. Low-code app platforms adhere to the “no code, no compromise” principle by providing all necessary tools and features. In addition, by leveraging existing functionality with an intuitive user interface, low-code platforms help speed up application production time and enable efficient customization with minimum effort.

Crowdbotics is poised to redefine the low-code landscape through its cloud platform that provides customers worldwide with speed, scalability, flexibility and ease-of-use. The company’s platform simplifies app development with a robust set of preconfigured modules, components and logic generators which can be used off-the-shelf or customised to fit a customer’s specific needs. Furthermore, powerful analytics tools help measure user behaviour in real time – enabling developers to make data driven decisions quickly to optimise their applications constantly and meet business goals more rapidly.


Crowdbotics is a low-code application development platform, empowering developers and non-technical users to build, deploy, and manage custom cloud-based applications quickly and securely.

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The company recently raised $22M in a funding round led by Accel, with participation from Village Global, and existing investors including Y Combinator and Unusual Ventures.

With these funds, Crowdbotics is revolutionising the low-code landscape, enabling businesses to develop and scale applications faster, safer, and more efficiently.

Overview of Crowdbotics

Crowdbotics is a unified development platform that makes building, shipping, and growing software applications easier. By offering an end-to-end solution for the entire software development lifecycle, Crowdbotics helps developers and organisations of all sizes streamline their development process.

The platform offers a full suite of tools to quickly construct, launch, and manage web applications and mobile apps. Crowdbotics enables users to create custom back-end architecture for their projects without code using its drag-and-drop low code builder. Developers can also take advantage of several open source project templates if they would prefer to save time setting up the application from scratch or use someone else’s existing project as a starting point. The platform also provides DevOps services so teams don’t have to deal with the manual configuration and maintenance required by other deployment options such as IaaS or PaaS providers. In addition, Crowdbotics connects application versions with Visual Studio Code and GitHub repository integration so developers can easily track who is making what changes in the project over time.

At its core, Crowdbotics is designed to help any size organisation launch applications quickly while maintaining quality standards they have set. It removes much of the overhead of web development while promoting collaboration between different organisational roles so all team members are always working towards the same goal. Crowdbotics has revolutionised how people create powerful applications without needing high levels of technical expertise or endless hours writing complex code by providing all aspects of software engineering in one easy-to-use solution.

Benefits of Crowdbotics

Crowdbotics has developed a platform enabling businesses to access low-code technologies that deliver faster development speeds and higher performance. In addition, Crowdbotics makes it easier for developers and business stakeholders to collaborate on projects by providing a suite of tools for authoring, building and managing mobile/web apps and managing user authentication, databases, hosting environments, workflows and analytics.

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Among the reasons why some companies are choosing Crowdbotics over other competing low-code solutions include:

  • Cost efficiency: Crowdbotics is more cost effective than other solutions in terms of implementation costs as well as ease of use in the long term, allowing businesses to save money for more strategic initiatives
  • Speed: With its innovative platform, Crowdbotics helps businesses quickly get their web applications up and running with minimal disruption to employees by synergizing processes across different teams – all while ensuring efficiency and accuracy.
  • Flexibility: Depending on the customer’s needs, Crowdotocs’ platform can be customised with various features such as ‘Data Visualization’, ‘App Integration ‘, ‘Real-Time Collaboration’, ‘API Management’, ‘Continuous Delivery’ and much more.
  • Security & scalability: Businesses using Crowdbotics can rest assured knowing that their applications are secure from outside threats as it is compliant with industry standard security measures like encryption & data storage integrity. Additionally, its cloud infrastructure is built with high scalability capacities, ensuring your project can seamlessly accommodate growing customer demands across multiple operating systems – minimising security gaps while boosting overall performance.

Low-code app development platform Crowdbotics raises $22M

Crowdbotics, a low-code application development platform, recently completed its Series A round of funding, raising $22M. The funding will help the company in its mission to provide businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive app development platform.

With Crowdbotics, businesses can access low-code solutions to efficiently and quickly create applications. This article will look at how Crowdbotics’ funding round is set to change the low-code landscape.

Investors Involved

In July 2020, Crowdbotics, the leading low-code application development platform, announced its completion of a $7 million Series A funding round. The round was led by Mercury Fund, with participation from SignalFire and Salesforce Ventures.

This funding will help Crowdbotics to continue its growth and expand its low-code application development platform. Through advanced automation and AI technology, Crowdbotics provides customers with a rapid path to cloud application delivery through an agile development workflow for web and mobile applications.

Low-code solutions allow developers to focus on their application’s business logic rather than codebase construction. This process relieves the burden of building an entire app from scratch allowing them to create custom or white-label enterprise solutions quickly and easily – a feat that would otherwise take months or even years without low-code tools.

Crowdbotics has been at the forefront of this revolution since inception in 2016, enabling customers like AT&T, Google Cloud Platform, and Netflix to create ambitious business solutions faster. With this additional funding injection of capital, we’ll watch as they continue to disrupt software engineering cycle time while providing app builders more control over their application creation process.

How Crowdbotics Will Use the Funds

Crowdbotics recently announced a successful funding round of $5 million led by JW Entrepreneurial & Technology Ventures and Radius Ventures. This brings Crowdbotics’ total funds raised to nearly $13 million and marks the fourth round of institutional funding. The funds will extend Crowdbotics’ leadership in the low-code development space – where users create robust, web-based applications without writing code.

These funds will help Crowdbotics scale their platform faster to support more customers, increase global reach, and develop additional resources for manufacturers using the low-code landscape. With this money, the cloud-based platform can extend its growth and maintain its unique position as a robust development tool within its industry.

Crowdbotics plans to use most of its latest funds for hiring software engineers, product people, designers, sales representatives and customer success experts as part of its international expansion efforts. As such, they expect industry leading analyst firm Forrester Research Inc S report that “Low-code application development platforms (ADPs) are easy to learn and cost significantly less than custom coding solutions” to hold in their operations.

In addition to improving staffing capabilities, Crowdbotics will be utilising these funds for product development, including new customer integrations with third party services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure and more. This would allow customers to manage all app projects from a single console interface on Crowdbotics without having separate accounts with service providers like AWS offering similar solutions. Such increased functionality makes crowdbotics simpler yet scalable for high volume web apps that want access across different databases or configure multiple domains simultaneously in various regions or countries globally.

The Impact of Crowdbotics

Crowdbotics is revolutionising the concept of low-code app development by offering an expansive platform that allows users to easily and quickly design, develop, and deploy software applications.

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The platform has recently raised $22M in a Series A round funding, and this has further solidified its position as an industry leader in the low-code application development space.

Let us examine how Crowdbotics is changing the landscape of app development.

How Crowdbotics is Changing the Low-Code Landscape

Low-code development is a software development method that aims to reduce the code needed to develop apps. It has become a popular choice for organisations that cannot dedicate resources to a full IT team. That’s why Crowdbotics is at the forefront of this growing field – they provide all the necessary software components, including automated provisioning and replication along with pre-built templates, while allowing developers and IT specialists to focus more on developing applications.

Crowdbotics’ low-code system eliminates most complex steps associated with creating custom applications. Instead, it automates steps like setting up servers, configuring databases, and creating application code based on user inputs. This promotes scalability and reduces risk because it allows smaller teams to rapidly produce solid application code in short periods.

Crowdbotics also provides automated deployment services and in-app monitoring, which helps detect any performance issues quickly. With their Live Teams feature, users can access highly experienced developers in real time who provide advice on programming. At the same time, they build their project – making the whole process faster without compromising quality or results.

Overall, Crowdbotics’ low-code platform has revolutionised how businesses develop custom applications quickly and effectively without compromising quality or results. In addition, their platform gives companies an easy way to scale their business using pre existing templates aimed at speed and cost savings rather than beginning from scratch with traditional programming techniques. As such, Crowdbotics is allowing businesses to succeed on the low-code landscape that did not previously exist.

What the Future Holds

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it’s clear that the importance of low-code and no-code development will continue to grow. Crowdbotics offers an efficient way to build enterprise apps without relying on code-first development. With this powerful tool, businesses have reduced time and cost expended on software projects, automate complex processes and release products faster than ever.

Crowdbotics is paving the way for iterative development practices, removing language barriers to larger markets and transforming how we think about low-code app development. It’s also making user experience a seamless experience more quickly than ever before through flawless app design. By unlocking fast access to highly specialised talent worldwide, companies of all sizes can quickly build apps with minimal effort.

The future for low-code application development is just beginning and its potential for disruption is limitless. With fast, high-quality iterations of apps being released at lightning speed, developers can now focus their time on innovating features instead of solely coding them. Low-code platforms have been providing value across industries in powerful ways so far — looking ahead, these tools are forging a new path towards disrupting traditional software engineering methods while paving a road towards bigger projects with smaller teams and budgets.

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