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How and why to protect your eyes in summer. Advices

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Neglecting the eyes in the summer can have mild but also serious consequences, especially with the passage of years and the repetition of wrong routines. It is true that some people are more “sensitive” to sunlight than others, but this does not mean that the latter are less affected by exposure to ultraviolet rays than the former, as explained by the professionals of the health group Riverside The WHO estimates that more than three million people become blind each year as a result of excess solar radiation.
Dr. Gabriel Escalerandi, specialist in the group’s Ophthalmology Service at the Dénia Hospital, recalls that in the summer there are many hours of sunshine that impact our eyes, the power of the sun on the earth is high and other elements such as the sea, the swimming pool, mobile phones, hours of outdoor play, or sand cause eye diseases to increase in the summer.
For this reason, remember the importance of avoiding direct exposure to the sun’s rays in the eyes between 1pm and 5pm in the summer and the importance of wearing sunglasses and caps or hats in these central hours of the day. At all ages. It is better to get children used to wearing sunglasses and a cap when going to the beach from an early age.
In the short term, the effects of the sun on the eyes can cause sore eyes, red eyes, and even minor, very annoying burns. “Eye irritations and conjunctivitis are the most common, but we also see more acute and other chronic pathologies at this time, such as keratitis or eye irritations that generate photophobia”, explains our specialist.
He warns that many of the chronic pathologies are caused by prolonged sun exposure and are observed in adulthood, for example, with a faster evolution of cataracts.

Tips for taking care of your eyes in the summer

  • Protect your eyes with glasses and caps or hats in the middle of the day
  • Wash your eyes with physiological soil at the end of each day at the beach or pool
  • Use artificial tears with hyaluronic acid or serum to flush the eyes in case a foreign body (such as beach sand) gets into them. Never rub lull.
  • Use artificial tears also to combat dryness from intense heat or air conditioning.
  • Limit the use of mobile phones and tablets in the summer to take care of your eyes:
    • Children under the age of three must not use mobile phones
    • Children between 3-6 years should not exceed 1 hour a day
    • From 10, limit its use to an hour and a half
    • From 11-18 years, put a two-hour cap a day.
    • Avoid mobile phones before bed because it can cause insomnia and nightmares

Dr. Escalerandi insists on the convenience of always carrying a single dose of these artificial tears, very useful for rinsing the eyes in case of irritation from sea or pool water, sand from the beach or soil or dryness . “They are not a medicine and can be taken many times a day,” he explains. If the discomfort or redness persists, see a specialist.
Regarding the use of electronic devices, especially among the youngest, in particular mobile phones and tablets, Dr. Escalerandi recalls that in the summer, children and teenagers have more free time and can spend too many hours in front of a screen “We can’t forget that they are an aggression for the eyes and increase the risk of myopia in adulthood or an early one in teenagers,” he points out. For this reason, he explains, the guidelines indicated above must be met.
Children under the age of three should not watch mobile phones, between 3-6 years no more than 1 hour a day, from 10:30 a.m. and from 11-6 p.m. two hours a day. Avoid the mobile phone before going to sleep because it can cause insomnia and nightmares, the eyes are irritated and you need to wash them with serum or tears.

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