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Getting to know three players from Atlético de Madrid in depth — Conocedores.com

Atlético de Madrid have more and more fans around the world. A team that, after the arrival of Diego Pablo Simeone at the bank more than ten years ago, has gone international. To be able to know more details about this dress, en an interview produced by Betwaywe were able to learn some facts and rituals of three players before and during the matches.

Some of this data can lead to knowing more about the person behind the shirt. And although their answers may seem quite simple, they bring something more behind it for all those who are interested in approaching the players of their team.

when the online soccer betting specialist questions about what he does the night before a game, goalkeeper Jan Oblak answers: “I’m going to rest early, watching a movie, a series.”

While Geoffrey Kondogbia shares the theme of going easy, but from a slightly different perspective: “I relax and also play a little with my family”.

When asked when his favorite meal is before a match, Reinildo Mandava was instant in his answer: “Rice with Chicken”. Something Oblak agrees on: “Some rice, pasta”.

It may be surprising to many because they would think of something better like a salad or something light, but both players confirm that their diets share the purpose of giving them the energy to perform at their best throughout the match.

For most players, music is something vital before facing a game, or listening to the chants in the stands when they are on the court. Mandava will have in his hearing aids a “Tabanka Jazz”, while Geoffrey is more open with his music selection: “A little bit of everything. It depends on the party, the moment, and the songs that are in fashion at the time”.

Getting to know three players from Atlético de Madrid in depth

As for what they like to hear inside the court, it is clear that Kondogbia wears his mattress shirt very well: “The anthem of Atlético de Madrid. That’s what I like the most.”

But it is Oblak who is now more open about it: “Pues from the stands, whatever. What they sing is beautiful”. And, to finish, when asked how to celebrate when he scores a goal, Reinildo has done one more with his hands, placing the two and middle indexes of each in an inverted V, which has a very personal and special meaning: “It’s a sign for my wife. It’s a M. M from Manisha”.

For Mandava, celebrating is important, both a goal and a victory, for his answer to the question of how he liked to celebrate was more mime than words: “Like a warrior, doing…” At this moment he arches his arm with a closed fist at the height of the fish and utters a choked cry, which surely many more people would hear in the court.

In addition, everyone has some ritual that they always practice, like Oblak who arrives an hour and a half early at the stadiums, whether at home or away. And they all agree on something, they are always grateful for what they do, and Geoffrey couldn’t express it better:

“I thank you for being able to play another game. For me it is the most beautiful job in the world».

Thus, the three players have much more than what we see on the court. They are people who only make us discover something closer to them, is that the children have had a closer bond with these players who are, many times, their inspiration.

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