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Generic drugs are 25 years old

Generic medicines celebrate the 25th anniversary of their arrival in Spain this year. A social conquest translated into accessible and quality health for everyone according to the Spanish Association of Generic Medicines.

Generic drugs are 25 years old

Generic medicines are 25 years old in Spain. Image taken from the AESEG video.

Generic medicines have the same qualitative and quantitative composition in active ingredients and the same pharmaceutical form as an original medicine. They are recognized by having the abbreviations on the labeling EFG (Generic Pharmaceutical Equivalent).

On the occasion of his 25th anniversarythe Spanish Association of Generic Medicines (AESEG) launch the video “Generics and you: generators of change”in tribute to those who over the years have participated in what they call com “silent revolution”.

AESEG remembers through this “silent revolution”, made of small gestures that have changed history, that when generic medicines are present, we all win.

How did generic medicines emerge in Spain?

A 1997 generic medicines began to be introduced and sold legally in the Spanish pharmaceutical market.

According to the association, the marketing of these medicines from quality i effectivenessto more affordable priceit led to improved patient access to the treatments specific to each need.

Today, there are generic medicines for the different types of pathologies and diseases, from chronic to acute conditions, and for any health field.

Characteristics of generics

Generic medicines, twenty-five years later, still maintain their essence, based on the social commitmentthe solidarity and the sustainability.

In addition, they gather a series of characteristics own:

  • Unlike brand-name drugs, generics acquire the name of the medicinal substance that compose it.
  • They are marketed once the patent of the original medicine has expired and has been authorized by the Ministry of Health.
  • Her price of sale represents a saving of minimum 40%can reach up to one 60%.
  • They keep the same quality and reliability than branded medicines, as they are subject to the same procedures and controls as other medicines.

As AESEG points out, these drugs guarantee access to quality treatments, insurance and characterized by an accessibility that is open to all citizens. In addition to contributing to the savings and sustainability of the National Health System (SNS).

The general secretary of AESEG, Ángel Luis Rodríguez de la Corda, explains: “since 1997, generic medicines have accompanied us every day of our lives. They have always been there, improving and guaranteeing access to treatments and promoting the advancement of research and the development of new drugs”.

A social conquest

the video “Generics and you: generators of change”, has been the protagonist of the tribute. Through it, the association remembers that together: generic medicines, managers, political representatives, health professionals and users we can make our health system more sustainable.

Another of the actions promoted by the entity is the launch of one social media campaignwith the purpose of making visible the contribution of generics to the health of citizens throughout this time.

Finally, on November 23, the gala is held “25 years of generic medicines in Spain”focused on the social conquest that has involved its incorporation in our past, present, and especially, in our future.

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