Gastronomic travel destinations for true food lovers

Are you looking to go on a gastronomic holiday and are confused about where to visit? Fortunately, there are many destinations to visit worldwide, each with spectacular qualities. The United States is usually a perfect example of the best place to visit for a dining holiday.

The cultural diversity of America makes it an ideal place to visit for a gastronomic trip. The clash of cultures brought completely new cuisines, satisfying the diverse tastes of the people. From Seattle to San Francisco, there are endless places in the United States for food lovers. The best? Car rentals are available to help you navigate these cities smoothly.

In Seattle, for example, you can use the car rental at Seattle Airport under 25 years to take a gastronomic trip around the city. And of course, apart from Seattle, car rentals are also used in other places mentioned in our list of the top 10 gastronomic travel destinations for real food lovers.

Let’s take a look at them.

10 Gastronomic Travel Destinations in the United States.

1. Seattle City, Washington DC

Seattle is a commercial city in the vast state of Washington. So perhaps because of the obsession with work, the love of coffee can be easily understood. But the gastronomic repertoire of this city is more than just coffee.

On the other hand, there is a variety of seafood such as crabs, mollusks and oysters for visitors to enjoy. What is unique about Seattle is the localized food called Seattle Dog garnished with cream, grilled onion and cheese. Like the Seattle roll, the Seattle dog is especially sumptuous.

2. Los Angeles, California

Due to the cosmopolitan nature of Los Angeles, the city has always been notorious gastronomy city, keeping up with the latest food trends as fast as possible. In addition, the great variety of food in this city makes it attractive for people with a wide gastronomic taste.

Los Angeles has it all up its sleeve, from the daring to the less modern. On the coast, you will find seafood if you like it. On the other hand, Los Angeles enjoys a variety of Chinese, Mexican, Korean and Vietnamese delicacies in the metropolitan parts.

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3. Portland, Oregon

Oregon has gained a reputation for food because of what is now considered the food truck revolution. Oregon has plenty of them, from Chinese egg pancakes to octopus balls. In addition to food, locals are overly enthusiastic about beers, wines and coffee. So if you are a food lover, Oregon has it all for you.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

Like the lush lifestyle, the New Orleans food scene is as vibrant as the lifestyle. New Orleans is popularly considered the mecca of food in the United States, hosting the iconic Creole venues, Café Du Monde, Domilise, and some of the best restaurants in the United States.

New Orleans enjoys a wide variety of food, from seafood like oysters, rockefellers and alligators to southern foods like po’boys and muffaletta.

5. Nashville, Tennessee

Although known for its musical successes, the Nashville food scene is just as appealing. The legendary capital of Southern music enjoys a variety of foods, such as fried chicken with cayenne sauce, which is often used in bread.

Nashville is home to a host of exotic restaurants such as Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, best known for its fried chicken, Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, Arnold’s Country Kitchen, to name a few. In addition, the city is best known for its excellence in beverages.

6. Miami, Florida

Due to the Spanish origins of Florida, the city is an easy choice for Latin delicacies. Typical examples are Pastelito, Pan Con Mantequi and crocodile fritters. However, despite the large presence of Latin delicacies, Miami also enjoys many pizzerias and ice cream parlors.

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7. Chicago, Illinois

While Chicago is best known for its famous deep-sea pizza, it is also known for its exotic and upscale restaurants such as Big Jones, Au Cheval and Balena. You can also explore other cuisines such as barbecue, hot dogs, Greek and Korean cuisine and all kinds to enjoy.

8. Kansas City, Missouri

If you like smoked or grilled delicacies, there is no better place than Kansas, Missouri. Mainly, Kansas is known for its completely smoked barbecues. Beef sprouts, ribs and burnt ends are typical examples. If you don’t think that’s enough, you can try artisanal chocolates. In addition, you can enjoy donuts of different flavors, especially those served with powdered sugar to liven up the day.

9. Buffalo City, New York

Buffalo is known for many things, including creative nicknames and as much as its wide variety of dishes. In Buffalo, you can enjoy original American dishes such as the famous chicken wings, hot dogs and pizza.

In fact, the city of Buffalo ranks as the third best city for making pizzas. You can also grab peanut sticks and sponge candies for a snack.

10. Houston, Texas

There are practically many dishes to enjoy in Houston. But there are some things you can’t miss when you’re in this city.

One of these is barbecue and Texas-style meats. Texas is known for its love of meat, and it would be safe to consider dental care before taking a meal trip here. Haha!


There are many destinations to visit if you are going on a gastronomic holiday. However, in view of its cultural diversity, the United States is the ideal place to enjoy diverse collections of food and dishes.

Each state enjoys peculiar delicacies that match the most exotic taste preferences. In Seattle, for example, you can eat specific cuisines, just like in other places like Florida, with unique dishes, among many others.

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