Fourth dose of covid vaccine, from September 26

The vaccination campaign for the fourth dose of covid for those over 80 years old and in residences will begin on September 26, according to what was agreed this Thursday by the Public Health Commission, which has also set October 17 as to boot for the flu vaccine

In addition to the announcement of the fourth dose of covid, the Ministry of Health has also announced that tomorrow, Friday, the first batch of doses of vaccines adapted to the Òmicrom variant will be received, which will be distributed next week to all communities and autonomous cities.

In statements to EFEthe Minister of Health, Carolina Dariashe recalled that the Public Health Commission already approved the vaccine for those over 80, those living in nursing homes and then for those over 60.

Fourth dose of covid vaccine, Darias affirms that the health of all Spaniards will continue to be protected

“But we will continue to protect the health of all Spaniards,” said the minister when asked if the vaccine will be extended to the general population.

Darias assured that we are in a different phase of the pandemic and at a turning point thanks to vaccines and highlighted the success of the previous vaccination campaigns in Spain.

According to the calculations of Sanitat, it is expected that 10 million units of these vaccines adapted to the new variant of the manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna will arrive during this month of September.

The fourth dose of the covid vaccine is therefore on the immediate horizon.

The Spanish Hipra vaccine is awaiting authorization from the EMA

These two brands could soon also be joined by Hipra, which is awaiting final authorization from the European Medicines Agency (EMAby the acronyms in English) as an indispensable preliminary step to be able to market.

In Spain, the second booster dose is already recommended by over 60 years oldvulnerable and health personnel, although it will start with the inmates of the residences and those who have them more than 80 years.

The health technicians of the ministry and the communities have also decided today that the flu vaccination campaign will start on October 17, depending on the availability and the epidemiological circumstances of the different territories and autonomous cities.

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The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias. EFE/Ismael Herrero

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