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For Christmas… Don’t fall for pseudo-therapies either!

Empty promises hiding dangerous practices – beware pseudo-therapies this Christmas and always, they’re just after your money.

They promise a lot in a short time: “Reconnect with your essence“, “heal your spirit“, “understand your suffering“, “awaken your consciousness“… At Christmas, as with most holidays, holiday retreats return and with it, pseudo-therapies.

the high school #SaludsinBulostogether with the psychologist Carlos Sanz Andrea and the researcher and member of the Ibero-American Network for the Study of Sects (RIES), Luis Santamaría del Ríothey warn about the dangers behind Christmas retreats through the report “Christmas without pseudo-therapies”.

They hide a lot behind it

On these dates they proliferate recreational activities in natural environmentsseemingly harmless days but which can pose a risk to those who sign up.

Behind the organization of these escapes, pseudo-therapies like…

  • Bioneuroemotion
  • Family constellations
  • Holistic therapies

to heal negative emotions or improve the physical and spiritual health of people through rituals and channels are the promises that are usually formulated in these cases.

Five keys to not falling for pseudo-therapies this Christmas

To find out if a spiritual retreat is dangerous or not, #SalusinBulos, together with experts Carlos Sanz and Luis Santamaría, provide the following recommendations:

  1. Be wary of abstract and grandiose goals. To make retreat offers more attractive, they typically appeal to big words, abstract and impossible-to-quantify goals, and promise “awaken your consciousness“, “connect with your inner self“. They are nothing more than empty words that connect with current social trends.
  2. Emotions should only be addressed by experts. Many times they take advantage of people who have suffered personal tragedies or who have trouble dealing with their emotions on a day-to-day basis. They promise to eradicate negative emotions, but the only thing they do is look for a bond of dependence and blame the subject for feeling bad
    • To address any mental health issue you should always turn to accredited specialistseither a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
  3. Don’t believe in gurus, they are everywhere. Another common denominator of suspicious Christmas retreats is that they all feature a guru, an individual who enjoys divine knowledge, versed in rituals and shamanic practices without scientific support. This supernatural authority can be the seed for different types of abuse.
  4. Avoid activities that include fasting and isolation. To subdue the subjects who have decided to sign up for the activities, fasts and isolation measures are imposed. The former seek physical debilitation, as do activities such as sleep deprivation, and the latter, by withdrawing mobile devices and zero contact with the outside, increases control and restricts information.
  5. Rituals are not harmless. Rituals like those that seek good luck, health, love… These are instruments of magical thinking that alienates people and fills the pockets of those who organize them.

The role of group membership

Another aspect of special mention when talking about pseudotherapies is the concept of the group membership.

Carlos Sanz explains his modus operandi in the following way: they use an idiosyncratic and special language, carry common symbols, give closed access in a pyramidal sense to a select few and attribute positive qualities to the group, while everyone outside of it is pointed out as ignorant, bored, satanic.

“Its purpose is to get the members to find a reason to feel superior and special because of their membership in the group,” says the psychologist.

Take care of them

In short, these practices are nothing more than bulls that move through social networks and spread at breakneck speed, convincing anyone and presenting a serious health hazard of the individual

From #SaludsinBulos they are trying to make this Christmas free of pseudo-therapies, raising awareness of their true nature, to prevent you from falling into the error of believing in their promises.

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