Focus on the European SCPIs to be held in 2021

Real estate investment companies investing on a European scale are more advantageous from a tax point of view. In addition, they offer higher rates of return than conventional SCPIs. Here is a selection of the European SCPIs to be held in 2021 proposed by the SCPI Portal website.

Origin of the corum

Launched in 2012 by CORUM AM, SCPI Corum Origin, formerly Corum Convictions, is still the oldest European SCPI. As of June 30, 2021, it exceeded 2 billion euros in capitalization. Also in the second quarter, the number of Corum Origin members increased to 34,984, compared to 33,010 on 12/31/2020. Thus, it welcomes 1,003 new participants. Corum Origen’s TOF and TOP are 96.56% and 95% respectively in Q2 2021. The real estate assets owned and operated by this diversified SCPI are in 13 European countries, including France.

Corum XL

Marketed since 2017, the diversified SCPI Corum XL offers a DVM lower than that of its big sister Corum Origin in 2020: 5.66% compared to 6%. It is still one of the leading European SCPIs on the market. The capitalization of SCPI Corum XL exceeded the historical threshold of one billion euros in Q2 2021. In the same period, it had 25,914 members, compared to 22,254 on 31/12/2020, ie 1,975 new participants. . As for the TOF of Corum XL, it is close to 100%: 99.03%, compared to a TOP of 98.38%. Most of the real estate in this SCPI is in the UK. It also has buildings in 11 European countries.

Corum Euroion

After delivering a 10.40% DVM in 2020, Corum Eurion has become one of the most promising European SCPIs on the market. This is a pretty remarkable performance for an 18 month SCPI. In the second quarter of 2021, the capitalization of Corum Eurion increased to 205 million euros, compared to more than 108 million euros in the first quarter of 2021. We can say that this European SCPI is gaining more and more popularity. The number of members increased from 5,937 (on 06/30/2021) to 3,107 (on 12/31/2020).

Pf Hospitality Europe

Open for subscription from 1er October 3020, the SCPI Pf Hospitalité Europe, managed by Perial AM, already has a DVM of 6.25%. This means that it belongs to the family of promising European market SCPIs. Pf Hospitality Europe has 2,229 members in 2i quarter of 2021, and recorded a capitalization of 78 million euros during the same period. To build a reputation in the market, this specialized SCPI is aimed at sectors driven by strong demographic trends: health, education, accommodation, hotels. Pf Hospitality Europe released a 100% TOF in the second quarter of 2021.

Hi Pierval

Among the thematic SCPIs invested in Europe, we can mention in particular Pierval Santé, managed by Euryale AM. As a reminder, get a DVM of 4.95%. At 2i quarter of 2021, its capitalization amounts to 1,788 million euros with a TOF of 98.88%. On the other hand, the shares of SCPI Pierval Santé were held by 34,446 savers as of June 30, 2021.

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