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Five interesting aspects of a diet

Our life has many rhythms. Whether it’s annual beats, a daily or an hour and a half short, they play automatically. In addition, they significantly affect the course of processes within the body. It is because of these rhythms that we tend to switch off in the evening and wake up in the morning. In addition, therefore, the work of the gastrointestinal system is also subject to the mechanism. Everyone should find the optimal diet for themselves and follow it every day. It helps with good digestion, food absorption and metabolism, and generally improves well-being. It supports all cases, whether it is a day of hard work or a relaxing rest. If you’re hungry for adrenaline, you’ll always test your luck with the 22Bet login.

This is why doctors recommend following a diet. The health not only of the gastrointestinal system, but of the entire organism depends to a great extent on it. Experts include five aspects within the same diet concept. Let’s consider each in more detail.

  1. Number of meals per day

There is no single schedule that is ideal for everyone, but on average, it is recommended to eat 3 to 5 times a day. This will be, for example, this schedule: first breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, or a “shortened version” of three meals each day. Try to find the optimal number of meals for you. As a general rule, doctors do not recommend eating more than twice a day, and 4 meals a day are usually called optimal.

2. Quantity per day

It is important not only what percentage of time each day we eat. But also how the amount and set of nutrients that enter the body are distributed throughout the day. The work of the organs involved in digestion varies throughout the day. In the morning, giving us a signal to wake up, the equivalent time of the body activates the gastrointestinal system. The best secretion of digestive juice, which breaks down food, occurs in the morning and afternoon. The maximum of its release is observed in the middle of the day, and therefore the minimum in the dark. Therefore, 2/3 of the daily food intake is best taken at breakfast and lunch and about 1/3 at dinner.

3. Time to eat

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The times we eat depend, among other things, on our individual biological rhythms. Different people need different hours to believe in breakfast. But everything doesn’t have to be limited to a cup of hot drink in the morning. They should require the care of a complete meal, which may contain protein and fat. This can give you a feeling of satiety and help you avoid snacking while you wait for dinner. Lunch and dinner time respectively will also vary for various people. But doctors do not recommend eating later than 2-3 hours before going to sleep because, in the dark, our gastrointestinal system is not too active.

4. Intervals between meals

Intervals are necessary so that the food that has entered our body passes calmly through the so-called digestive cycle without mixing with the portions that have just entered. It usually takes 3-4 hours from the time food enters the stomach until it passes through the intestinal tract. This is often in the meantime and is optimally considered as an opportunity between meals. Long breaks, more than 5 hours, as a rule, are also not useful.

5. Time to eat

Another point is vital for a competent diet. Surely you recognize that it is not very useful to eat the race in a hurry, or, on the contrary, to stretch the meal for several hours, for example, so that it is enough for several episodes of the series. The rhythm of life can dictate its own rules to us, but you should try to allocate 10-15 minutes for eating, dedicating this point to food.

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So choose the right pace for yourself, try the best delicious food and stay healthy and happy 24/7!

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