Find a rewarding and fun student job!

When you’re a student, you often face a difficult three-headed dilemma: go out for fun, work, or study? Whatever the choice, there is also the necessary financial problem. Admission is limited when you are a student. Then the ideal solution is to find a rewarding and fun student job! Is it really possible? Yes, MoneyBanker, the banking and lending expert, shows you below. The company also advises you to choose an online banking offer to earn a few precious euros by opening an account at a bank that will give you this gift at check-in.

pet caregiver

The job of a pet caregiver is to take care of other people’s pets. For example, you can visit a cat at a guest house. There, your job will be to play with the volume, feed it and drink it, and hug it. Well, MoneyBanker would be misleading not to mention that you will also have to clean up the trash!

Along the same lines, you can offer to walk the dogs of the owners who are too busy.

Host or hostess at events

This work will allow you to experience all kinds of events: concerts, festivals, events in the store, distribution of leaflets … As you will have noticed, there are a wide variety of missions for which a host or hostess can take part. Some are especially appealing, such as welcoming viewers to a play (and staying to see it for free afterwards). MoneyBanker recommends that you apply to temporary agencies. This is the type of contract that best fits these services.

School help

Many college students face academic difficulties and parents are often willing to invest in a private tutor to support their children. Leverage your skills by accompanying a student to the school. In addition to establishing a sometimes friendly relationship, you will update your knowledge. You can even focus your lessons on your current study topics to allow you to review while you work!

Bartender or waiter

MoneyBanker should point this out immediately: Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health! That said, you can spend a very pleasant evening (with or without alcohol) working in a bar. Of course, the pace is often fast and the nights shorter if it’s a nightclub. But you will have the pleasure of meeting other young people and maybe even making friends.


It is not exactly the same order of responsibility as when caring for an animal. Here it is better to be comfortable with the little ones. But very often, parents look for a moment of freedom in the evening to go to the movies or a restaurant. The interesting thing here is that in the evening, the kids usually go to bed early! Then you can enjoy reading a captivating thriller or watching a comedy movie for a fee!

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