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Finally, Apple buys Disney? — Conocedores.com

This week the entertainment industry received news that, for the traditional consumer, was not relevant, but for those in the business they know what it implies. Disney dismissed Bob Chapek as CEO of the company and replaced it with the historic Bob Iger, who left this role for years before retiring. And with all this movement, the historic question arose again: Is Apple buying Disney?.

Iger’s career within Disney is more than praised not only by those in the show business, but for how he managed to expand the brand to incredible levels. During his tenure, he was responsible for the acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel, LucasFilm (Star Wars), Hulu and none other than the behemoth 20th Century Fox (now renamed 20th Century Studios). He also pitched Disney Plus and opened new theme parks outside the United States.

And the relationship between Apple and Disney has always been more than fluid. When Disney bought Pixar, one of the owners of the animation company was Steve Jobs. As part of the payment, Jobs received shares of Disney, becoming the most important individual shareholder of the Mickey Mouse firm.

And Bob Iger, consigned a spot on Apple’s directory table. In fact, there are several similarities in the handling of the image of both companies, and both Jobs and Iger will always explore the possibility of acquisition.

Is Apple buying Disney?

It’s been one of the big rumors for years, but this week he recognized the force, with the return of Bob Iger as CEO, that will have to straighten out the company, especially everything related to streaming and the contents of many of the films, which in the last three years, beyond what happened during 2020, will not achieve the successes of other eras.

The new characters that appeared in the phases of Marvel did not awaken historical empathy like Iron Man or Captain America and many series of all brands, moved away from their fun and action scripts, to return to more instropective and with an exaggeration of him. politically correct

According to some US media, a deal with Apple would cement Iger’s legacy as CEO. Because during his tenure, he saw off the buys he wanted for Disney, but he couldn’t get Apple to merge or buy Disney.

Disney has a market value of about $180 billion that could rise to $200 billion. And Apple, has money to spare for the purchase.

While Apple has its own streaming service Apple TV Plusit is far behind its rivals in the number of subscribers and, in a context of widespread recession, it would do nothing wrong for Apple to diversify its income, which does not depend mainly on products such as the iPhone.

In fact, Apple is working hard for its services division, which includes Apple TV Plus, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, iCloud and more, made more and more, which is achieved year after year.

It is also working on an autonomous or electric car (rumors in this sense are diffuse), and on an augmented reality viewer, which could be released in 2023.

Will Apple’s purchase of Disney go through? Today it is more possible than a week ago.

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