Fast weight loss diets: Benefits and contraindications

When it comes to losing weight, there are many diets. A good regimen allows you to reduce weight, eliminate toxins, regenerate tissues and increase defenses.

Of course, not all diets are like this. Some of them can even cause health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each of them to be able to choose the one that is most convenient for each person. It is even recommended to go to a doctor to carry out the relevant consultations.

Below are several diets for rapid weight loss with their corresponding pros and cons based on nutritional concepts.


Atkins diet

That is It was created by Robert Atkins. This diet allows you to eat foods rich in fats (butter, sausages, cheeses, eggs, seafood, among others) and proteins, but restricts carbohydrates such as cereals, bread, cookies, potatoes, pasta, fruits, etc.

Benefits It promotes physical exercise as part of the system and recovers processed products to consider them much healthier in their natural state.

Contraindications and dangers The weight loss is very rapid in the short term, but in the long run it can be recovered (what is known as the “rebound effect”).

Due to the fat-free consumption, this diet favors the increase of cholesterol and uric acid concentration. In addition, it is poor in vitamins, minerals and antioxidantsbecause they restrict cereals, vegetables and fruits.

It is important to note that if carbohydrates are not consumed in quality and quantity, they are pushed to use proteins as an energy source, which results in a decrease in muscle tissue.


Macrobiotic diet

That is This diet was created in Japan by George Oshawa, who sought physical and emotional balance through diet.

Divide foods into Yin, hot and invigorating foods such as cereals, legumes, fish, meat, salt, root vegetables and Yang, if their energy is fried and debilitating such as sugar, honey, dairy products, tropical fruits or bananas, mango , between. others

Benefits Eliminates the consumption of canned products, sausages, meat and sodas, allows learning to balance food and the use of natural remedies and alternative therapies such as Shiatsu which allows you to have a broader view and not only related to the diet.

Contraindications and dangers It reduces the percentage of proteins and there is a risk of anemia due to lack of animal protein and decreased muscle mass.


Montignac diet

That is Developed by the French doctor, Michel Montignac, this diet, which does not take into account calories, prohibits consuming foods with fats and carbohydrates together. Restrict carbohydrates and dairy.

Without embargo, you can eat meat, sausages, eggs, cheese, leafy greens, legumes and brown rice.

It should be noted that the Montignac diet prohibits eating fruit at the end of meals, because it is considered to alter protein metabolism.

Benefits Increases the production of ketone bodies, substances derived from the combustion of fats, which decreases appetite.

Contraindications and dangers Not counting calories is wrong when a person is ever on a weight loss plan. In addition, it can increase uric acid, cholesterol and triglycerides raising the risk of cardiovascular disease. Even limiting dairy products can also cause health problems.


Dissociated diet based on the combination of foods

That is This diet is based on the premise that there are foods that should be eaten at the same time to facilitate digestion while others should not be consumed together because they are not said efficiently. In this sense, the restrictions are the following:

Eat 70 percent fruits and vegetables and 30 percent carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
Mixtures that are prohibited:
Protein + starch (meat and potato)
Protein + protein (egg and meat)
Starch + starch (flour and potato)
Starch + acid (rice with lemon)
Fat + sugar (butter and jam)

Benefits Include plenty of fruits and vegetables and consider that eating processed foods is not convenient, because they tend to be a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates.

Contraindications and dangers It can cause gastrointestinal upset and may not suit those with a big appetite. In addition, there is a risk that the diet is not completely balanced in terms of nutrients and the foods are not selected carefully. Does not promote physical exercise.


South Beach Diet

That is This diet was created by Arthur Agatston, renowned American cardiologist, and is considered an “eternal plan” of slimming structured in three phases.

The first stage lasts 14 days, they allow meat, some dairy products and vegetables. Flours and sugars cannot be consumed. The second stage allows the consumption of previously forbidden foods and the third stage is maintenance, the food restriction is reduced. That is, you can consume all the food you want in normal portions.

Benefits It provides satiety value and allows you to lose weight quickly

Contraindications and dangers It does not promote a change in eating habits, lifestyle or physical activity.

It is important to note that neither to lose weight nor to maintain it, you have to “eat without limits”, a concept that is considered not very serious.

Being restricted in carbohydrates, increases the use of proteins as a source of energy for the body; which leads to loss of muscle mass.


Mediteranean diet

That is Regime typical of southern Europe. It is considered a diet that contributes to a longer and healthier life and serves, including, to lose weight.

This diet is rich in monounsaturated fats, pasta, fruits and vegetables and includes fresh foods, fermented dairy products, yogurt, olive oil as the main source of fat.

Establish the consumption of 1 to 4 eggs per week, fish 2 to 4 times per week, chicken, small amounts of red meat, wine (1 or 2 glasses per day) with meals and the use of spices and condiments as in lemonvinegar, garlic, aromatic herbs, mint, oregano and cinnamon.

Its success lies in the antioxidants, which come from fruits, vegetables, wine and extra virgin olive oil and omega 3 fatty acids from fish and vegetables.

Benefits Eating out is easy, since Mediterranean-style food is very fashionable and monounsaturated fats raise good cholesterol and improve glucose metabolism

Contraindications and dangers Portion size control is necessary to avoid eating too much oily food. In addition, it is a diet designed for climates alone may not be satisfactory for eating in cooler areas. It does not promote, either, the performance of exercises


Scardale Diet

This regimen was invented by the American cardiologist Hermán Tarnower. It is a very popular and attractive miracle diet, as it promises to lose a lot of weight in a very short time (around a kilo per day). It can be classified within the group of hyperprotein and hypocaloric diets, so we could say that it is a derivation of the well-known diets of Atkins, Montignac, Mayo, etc.

As in any hyperprotein diet, its foundations are based on eating almost exclusively protein foods (lean meat, fish, seafood, queso fresco and eggs), stopping eating carbohydrates and very significantly reducing fats, which will translate into a diet very low in calories.

Daily guideline to follow Breakfast: half a grapefruit or half a seasonal fruit, a slice of wholemeal bread, coffee or tea without sugar or milk. Lunch and dinner: you will have to alternate between lean meats, fish, seafood, queso fresco or eggs, with some type of accompaniment such as, for example, raw vegetables or cooked without oil. One day you can replace this type of food with a fruit salad. As dessert they usually recommend drinking tea or coffee alone and without sugar.

Benefits: You can lose weight quickly

Contraindications and dangers As we have mentioned previously, this diet involves an almost exclusive contribution of proteins, so in a short time we could have serious alterations in the correct functioning of our body:

• Glucose (the main component of carbohydrates) is our body’s predominant source of energy, because if we remove it from the diet we notice fatigue and nausea in a short time. Not having glucose, it will try to get energy through the proteins in our body, because we will suffer a significant loss of muscle mass.

• Muscle glycogen (glucose in the muscle) is bound to water and mineral salts, so if we do not eat carbohydrates, we will achieve a loss of glycogen and, as a consequence, a rapid one. dehydration of the body. As can be deduced, much of the weight loss caused by this diet should be primarily from water and muscle loss and not fat loss, which should be the true goal of any balanced diet.

It must also be borne in mind that after a few days of following this diet it becomes monotonous and boring, as for the person who performs it to reduce food intake, therefore lowering caloric intake. This causes a decrease in weight that will have little to do with nutritional balance.

If this diet goes on for a long time we would have more serious problems related to bone decalcification, ketosisincreased uric acid, etc.


Conclusions: What is the best diet?

With the basis of the analysis of the diets before the exhibitions and weighing their benefits and contraindications, we observe that many of them subject people to a deprivation regime that reduces a certain amount of nutrients that summarize them count that the organism also requires.

Therefore, only a temporary weight loss is achieved (when in reality it is desired to be permanent) but it also affects the health of the body in general terms. Another aspect to consider is that the person eventually gets bored or rejects this type of diet.

For us, the best diet to lose weight is one that allows us to re-educate food, we are talking about adopting a lifestyle in which we mainly eat food in a balanced way (that is, you can eat everything) , but in portions. and that it is accompanied by physical activity. There is no limit to finish.

With dietary rehabilitation, you gain freedom, flexibility and the ability to continue your health in a way that is sustainable and natural for your lifestyle.

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