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family doctors ask to go beyond the numbers

The fact that suicide is today the first cause of unnatural death in Spain has led family doctors to defend the need to go beyond the numbers to recognize the warning signs and apply a collaborative approach to the ‘medical care . In 2020, 3,941 suicides were registered in Spain, which is fourteen times more than homicides.

In this problem of suicide, the role that family doctors who work in primary care can play is very noteworthy, as well as their intervention in vulnerable population groups, since they are the closest to the patient, “the first line of trench where the personal and family contact is everyday”.

This is how the doctors have defended it Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors (SEMERGEN)the pioneering scientific society at the first level of care in Spain, at its 44th Congress held in Seville, where they have announcedBetween 5 and 10% of all people treated in primary care have suicidal thoughts.

Family doctors talk about suicide

According to Dr Joan Carlos March77% of people who died by suicide had contacted primary care in the previous year (33% had had a mental health appointment) and 55% in the previous 30 days (20% in mental health).

18% had contacted health services on the same day of death.

This, this specialist pointed out, requires two fundamental issues: the need for awareness and training of primary care doctors to speak safely and with knowledge on the subject and to know how to recognize the warning signs in order to work on aspects of prevention.

In addition to suicide, the theme of the family doctor’s activities at this congress included the entire family doctor’s competence map, from transversal areas such as bioethics or clinical management, to care for the individual in different pathologies, especially the most prevalent (cardiovascular, endocrinological, respiratory, digestive, dermatological…).

Competences for care of population groups such as the chronically ill, women’s care, preventive or anticoagulant activities and care for the family and the community, as well as teaching and research, have also been covered.

Closing ceremony of the SEMERGEN Congress

Cardiovascular research

In relation to this last point, the latest data obtained in the study have been released IBERICANwhich has as its main objective know the prevalence and incidence of cardiovascular risk factors and cardiovascular disease in patients treated in primary care.

Although several years of follow-up are still needed to know the final incidence, there is a lot of intermediate data that allows obtaining very interesting information for the clinical practice of the family doctor.

In the words of the doctor Sergio Cinzathis study, will be from now on a very important source of cardiovascular epidemiological data “that will allow us to better adapt our clinical practice to the needs of each patient in order to modify their cardiovascular risk.”

And in agreement with the cardiologist Jose Ramon González-Juanateythe already known relationship between inflammation and cardiovascular disease, is undoubtedly the most ignored risk factor, but strongly associated with cardiovascular disease and is really given little importance and relevance because currently no treatment seems to be able to modify it.

There is also the RACOVIR studyanother of the investigations that SEMERGEN has launched with the aim of know the management that is carried out in primary care of anticoagulated patients.

Since the arrival of direct oral anticoagulants on the market, much research has been done on our habits of using the different anticoagulants.

However, they pointed out from this congress, all the studies were either very local geographically or focused on very specific aspects of anticoagulation (a service, a hospital, certain patient profiles, etc.)

RACOVIR is the first study, multicenter, carried out in primary care and with more than 10 years of direct anticoagulants on the market, so the experience of use by doctors is high and its use and effects on health of patients already has a time horizon of years, so the data provided will be very important and current.

With these studies, the aforementioned scientific society seeks to know the best way to deal with the management of the different profiles of chronic patients.

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