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Everything you need to make them shine

Keeping your glasses clean is a simple task as long as you have the right tools. If you want to keep the crystals in your home or business clean, here we show you all the tools you need to become a good crystal cleaner.

Crystal wetter

The crystal wetter it is one of the indispensable elements that must be found in any required window cleaning kit.

This crystal wetter it is used to lather and move the crystals while the cleaning work is carried out. The crystal washer is made up of a spare piece of synthetic fiber that has been made into a “T” shaped handle to facilitate cleaning thanks to its water reserve.

With the crystal cleaner you will be able to cover large surfaces, in order to make the task of cleaning the crystals much easier.


The glass cleaner scraper it is used immediately after the wetter has passed of crystals all over the surface. Once all the crystals are moistened, we will have to pass the scraper to remove the water and be able to dry the crystal.

When carrying out this technique with the scraper, you will have to place it at the upper left corner of the crystal and, without tightening too much, bring it down to the bottom of it in a straight form.

It is important to pass the scraper in this way so that the crystal can be cleaned more easily. If you prefer, while you are descending with the scraper you can lean a little to the right so that the water drains little by little.

Window cleaner

Much better than using a soapy water solution is to use a good window cleaner professional. First of all, one professional window cleaner it has a greater degreasing power, which means that you will be able to remove with greater ease any type of dirt that could exist on the crystal.

One of the advantages that window cleaners have is that they end without problems with traces of glasses, nicotine… and, in addition, they give off a rather pleasant smell, so they not only clean, but also help to create a better environment.


Ammonia is another star product when it comes to cleaning crystals. To clean with ammonia you have two options, count on a special window cleaner that contains ammonia or count on ammonia without more.

If you choose to use it window cleaner with ammonia the way to use it is like a normal and ordinary window cleaner. On the other hand, if what you are going to use is ammonia alone it is important that you prepare the product since it should not be applied directly on the surface that is intended to be cleaned.

To prepare the ammonia you will have to dilute it in a cube pouring half a glass of ammonia for every glass of water. Prepare the necessary solution to clean the flying crystals. If you want a trick to be able to clean the crystals in a simpler way, prepare this ammonia solution and put it in a vaporizer. You can use any container of window cleaner that has been used up, as your use of the mixture is the same.

Finally, to get rid of the smell of ammonia simply leave the window open a little and it will have no problem.

Microfiber cloth

Finally, so that you don’t miss anything when it comes to to clean the crystals you will need microfiber cloths. There are several reasons why they recommend the use of these specific cloths instead of others.

one microfiber cloth watch out for one greater absorption capacityn, so it is great for drying large surfaces such as crystals. On the other hand, microfibre cloths do not leave any traces or furrows after they have been used. This is essential, as the surface of the crystal is much cleaner.

Finally, these microfiber cloths are lighter and more resistant at the same time, which makes them ideal for these more delicate surfaces. With all these elements you will have everything you need to have a glass cleaning team up to scratch.

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