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Email Verification: A wrong email equals a lost customer

Email address verification is essential – an incorrect email address will lose a sale.

Online businesses not only need to be on the cutting edge of technology, but also need a customer relationship management (CRM) system to provide effective customer service and generate additional revenue. A large part of this goal involves the use of email address verification.

Email address verification is a powerful tool that helps online businesses generate leads, manage their lists, and capitalize on their marketing campaigns. It also allows online businesses to ensure that their messages arrive safely and that their site is protected against misuse and errors.

Importance of having verified emails for marketing

Having verified email addresses is crucial for email marketing as it can directly influence the success of your campaigns. Here are some reasons why having verified email addresses is important:

  • High delivery rate: By using verified email addresses, you can be sure that your messages will reach their destination. This ensures a high delivery rate and maximizes the impact of your marketing campaign.
  • Reduced bounce rate: Invalid email addresses can cause a high bounce rate. This can negatively affect your delivery rate and your reputation as a shipper. Verifying email addresses can help reduce bounce rates by removing invalid addresses.
  • Better compromise: Verified email addresses can ensure that your messages are received by people who are genuinely interested in your company and products. This can lead to better recipient engagement and an increased conversion rate.
  • Compliance with regulations: Verifying email addresses can help you comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR. This can minimize the risk of financial penalties and protect your business.

Email address verification is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your email marketing campaigns. This can maximize delivery rate, reduce bounce rate, improve recipient engagement and comply with data protection regulations.

Check the accuracy of the email on the mailing list

Email verification and GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is European Union (EU) legislation that comes into force in May 2018. It aims to protect the personal data of EU citizens and define the responsibilities of companies for regarding the processing of this data.

When it comes to emails, the GDPR requires companies to follow certain rules when using personal data such as email addresses. Companies must obtain the express consent of individuals before using them to send marketing messages or any other type of communication. In addition, companies must ensure the security of personal data stored and processed, including email addresses.

If a company violates GDPR rules, it can be subject to significant financial penalties. Therefore, it is important for companies to consider GDPR requirements when verifying and using email addresses.

What is email deliverability?

Email deliverability refers to the ability of an email message to reach the recipient’s inbox. This depends on several factors, including the quality of the email address, spam filters, and the email policies of the recipient’s email provider.

A poor quality email address, such as an invalid or compromised address, can result in poor deliverability. Spam filters can also block messages that are considered spam, reducing deliverability. Your email provider’s email policies, such as restrictions on the types of content allowed, can also affect deliverability.

To improve deliverability, it is recommended that you check the quality of email addresses before use, follow email marketing best practices, and comply with privacy and data security policies, including requirements of the GDPR. It is also important to periodically monitor deliverability to identify and resolve issues that may affect message delivery.

What is the purpose of an email address verification?

Every online business that wants to be successful should implement email address verification. The primary goal is to improve email deliverability, which increases open rate and brand visibility. Email address verification can also improve your rate of return on investment (ROI).

Email address verification is a process of systematically checking each email address or recipient before the message is sent. Checks whether the address is valid and active and ensures that it conforms to standards and messaging syntax. For example, it ensures that each address includes the “@” character and a domain. Email verification can also perform a server check to ensure that the email address has not been compromised by a data breach.

An incorrect email address equals a lost customer

If a business chooses not to perform email address verification, they risk seeing reduced profits. In fact, if an incorrect, invalid or compromised email address is used, this means that the message will not be received and will never reach its intended recipient. A message that does not reach its intended recipient means that the company’s marketing strategy is not reaching its goal and that it loses the opportunity to increase its profits.

Reduce the error rate

Verification of email addresses significantly reduces the error rate. Fix typos and syntax errors that occur when users enter email addresses. Combined with the fact that some providers may block incoming messages if the source address is inaccurate, it is essential for email senders to ensure that their address list has a minimum of errors.

Protect your platform from abuse without sacrificing performance

Email address verification also helps online businesses protect themselves from abuse without sacrificing site performance. For example, providers may limit or block messages sent from a shared IP address used multiple times by a large number of people. Email address verification allows online businesses to better understand who their target audience is and thus assign unique IP addresses to each customer to avoid server crashes.

Today, online businesses cannot afford to take risks with their email marketing strategy. Email address verification is a powerful and effective tool that makes it easier for online businesses to reach their prospects and customers, while reducing the error rate and protecting their platform from abuse. There are many out-of-the-box solutions to improve your email marketing results by cleaning up your lists and quickly checking your emails. Reduce time and costs spent verifying and discarding unwanted or compromised replies with the fastest email address verification service available.

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