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Eating healthy and cheap is possible: how to make the shopping basket

The price of the basket has been a recurring theme this holiday and is present in many of the conversations this summer. And not only when we go to the market, the supermarket or the fruit shop in our neighborhood. With family and friends, opinions and surprises (for bad) are repeated, after almost every purchase. Inflation, the price of energy, transport and conflicts in various areas of the world, producers of raw materials, are destroying the budget of families for the shopping basket. The Food Observatory of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) calculates that the shopping basket has become more expensive by 500 euros in one year.

However, healthy and reasonably priced food is still possible. It takes effort, yes, and no one can deny that prices have risen for almost everything, especially in products such as olive oil, pasta and cereals, followed by some fish. But with good planning of the weekly menu and the advice of the nutritionists of the Ribera health groupwe can follow a healthy diet and plan healthy, budget-friendly lunches and dinners for our families.

Doctor Cristina Trigo Barros, specialist in Endocrinology and Nutrition of the Ribera Povisa Hospital (Vigo) recalls that “the eating habits of the population are a determining factor in their state of health, since an inadequate diet is related to numerous diseases of high prevalence and mortality, such as cardiovascular diseases, some cancers, obesity, osteoporosis , anemia, caries, cataracts or certain immune disorders”.

Healthy and seasonal food, at a good price

Fish, lean meats, abundant vegetables, seasonal vegetables and fruits, olive oil as a garnish used in moderation, carbohydrates, dairy products, meats and a moderate intake of red wine are the basis of a shopping basket healthy, according to this professional.

Susana Carril, pharmacist and nutritionist at Ribera Polusa hospitalfor her part, she assures that including nuts and blue fish, that is to say good quality fats, in our diet “is key to strengthening our immune system”, at the same time highlighting that the consumption of fermented milk products “promotes resistance to microorganisms”.

For Carmen Navarro, nutritionist at the University Hospital of Vinalopó, managed by the Ribera group, “eating a healthy diet means eating a complete diet, with all the nutrients our body requires; balanced and sufficient, with the right amount of food, which helps to avoid overweight, and also varied”. In that videohe explains it to us in a very didactic way.

All the professionals of the Ribera health group recommend taking advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables, to facilitate a complete and varied diet and, at the same time, save on prices, since, in general, there is more on offer. Among the fruits of September – they still hold many of the summer fruits – stand out the mango, pomegranate, grape, banana, green pear, apple, Paraguayan, plum and raspberry, in addition to the watermelon, the peach , nectarine, blackberries, melon and figs. As for the vegetables, most of them are those that we find in markets and supermarkets almost all year round: courgette, cucumber, beetroot, onion, pumpkin, eggplant, peppers (red, green and yellow), lettuce, carrot, spinach, leek, celery, tomato or tender bean, among others.

If you want to remember the ten tips from the professionals of the group for healthy eating in this round of the routine, click on this link.

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