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Today we will show you five cooking tricks to recognize a fresh fish. During the Easter It is traditional to eat more fish, especially on Good Friday, a day when Catholics set aside red meat in honor of Jesus. If you are one of those who follow this, you should know that fresh seafood is much tastier than frozen, but you have to know how to identify it in the market. Do you know how to do it? Take note.

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The fish is one of the most complete foods, as its meat offers many nutritional sports. We need to be careful when buying. If we do not have the security of a trusted site, we can always take care of the situation by analyzing the product.

Remember that a fresh fish has eye-catching features. Therefore, if you want to prepare a ceviche or other seafood dish, you need to consider these signs:

  1. A fresh fish has bulging eyes and black and bright pupil. Tottus specialists explain that when the fish is not fresh the eyes are sunken and turn gray.
  2. The skin of a fresh fish it has a vivid color. When not fresh, the skin is soft and peels off easily.
  3. Las gills should be red in color or intense pink, and a clear, bright appearance. When the fish is not fresh, its gills turn yellowish or grayish.
  4. The scales must be well attached to the body. Also, it is important to see the viscera. A swollen gut is a sign that the fish is in bad shape.
  5. And the most obvious. A fresh fish it must smell like the sea.


Every day has a meaning:

  • Palm Sunday: Triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.
  • Holy Monday: Anointing of Jesus in the house of Lazarus. Jesus expels the merchants from the Temple in Jerusalem.
  • Holy Tuesday: Jesus anticipates to his disciples the betrayal of Judas and the Denials of St. Peter.
  • Holy Wednesday: Judas Iscariot conspires with the Sanhedrin to betray Jesus with thirty silver coins.
  • Holy Thursday: celebrates the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper
  • Good Friday: the crucifixion of Jesus
  • Glory Saturday: The Solitude of Mary
  • Easter Sunday: Easter Eve during the night of Holy Saturday to Easter Sunday.
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