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The holidays of Easter They are the perfect opportunity to share a variety of dishes prepared with fish and seafood as a family and thus follow the Catholic tradition that leaves aside the consumption of red meat on Good Friday. On these holidays many are at home and can fatten their questions with delicious recipes. The best Peruvian chef, Micha Tsumura, has the best tricks to make it stand out.

Wong’s ambassador also advises 5 dishes that are unmissable and reveals his secrets for preparing them:

1. Chita fried whole with garlic

  • First, fry the minced garlic in butter until well browned.
  • Then, make cuts in the back of the cheetah, transversely or in diamond.
  • Season with lemon, salt, oyster sauce and pepper.
  • Finally, pass the sieve through flour and fry it ”.

2. Pejerreyes battered or in a tiradito

  • In case you want to make a tiradito, you have to clean the pejerreyes well
  • Then remove the thorns, glue and skin so that they are soft in the preparation.
  • If you want to make battered pejerreyes, then you just need to remove the thorns and follow the usual preparation with flour and egg.

3. Cebiche of sole

  • For cebiche, it is always necessary to leave the tongue for at least 3 to 5 minutes marinated with salt and half a lemon set.
  • It is important not to use the whole lemon, but only to extract half of it to achieve the desired flavor.

4. Cause of crab pulp

  • It is important to wash the crab pulp before mixing with the rest of the ingredients.
  • It must be washed in a colander to identify any residual pieces of crab shell.
  • Once cleaned, the rest of the preparation can be carried out.

5. Pickled tuna

“The pickle, as I always said, the real pickle, is made with beautiful. And in order for the taste to be in its point, it is better to prepare the dish with bonito and eat it overnight “, he explains. Micha Tsumura.

If you want to know more fish and seafood to enjoy on this long holiday, log on to Wong.pe.

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