‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ Review [2022]: No Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero arrives in cinemas stronger than ever from the hand of Crunchyroll i Sony Pictures. This time with a 3D tape focusing on old threats and what it means to be a true super hero.

There is no anime more famous or more influential. The franchise of Dragon Ball draws millions of fans around the world. In Spain it has one legion of followersfrom children to adults who grew up with the adventures of Goku and company in the 90s.

With the sleeve of Dragon Ball Super currently in publication and after the absence of animation, it is now the turn of a new film. Located after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, peace has returned to earth and Vegeta and Goku train together with Broly on Beerus’ planet. However, the criminal organization of the Ribbon Network has resurfaced and after recruiting the Dr. Gedograndson of Dr. Gero himself, will try to finish off our protagonists.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Goku

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Faced with this threat, Piccolo, currently Pa’s mentor, and his former student Gohan, will be in charge of facing a new threat, this time led by Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 androids.

I have to admit that when the animation change from traditional 2D to la 3D animation I was quite reluctant. However, animation a CGI ca spectacular. With a cel-shading style that pays homage to the manga with its strokes and colors, visually it has static shots that will seem like we are witnessing Toriyama’s vignettes, with onomatopoeias and explosions included. Special mention to the scenes of flashbacks from Dragon Ball, Z and Super, animated in a 2D style traditional and impressive quality.

The soundtrack of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, composed of Naoki Sato, it works great. It stands out especially in the tense and epic moments, giving the fights more emotion and dramatic charge.

In this film the real protagonists are gohan i Piccolothat after being in the background in the Super saga, they shine again at the highest level Unlike the last Broly film, we are dealing with a much more tape balanced and with a better rhythm, where the genres are better mixed and the battle moments don’t take up most of the footage. There is also greater variety of scenarios i humorous moments well fitted, which do not weigh down or take the seriousness out of the fights, as was the case in ‘The Battle of the Gods’.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Gohan

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Despite being the tape of Great more risky and new, it is not without failures. It continues to drag an important lack of originality to the franchise, like the appellants power ups or recycled ideas among which is the plot and the evil ending. In this aspect it reminds us too much of OVAs like ‘The Final Attack‘.

The dubbing in Spanish is in charge of Dasara Productionsprestigious Andalusian studio that was already in charge of Dragon Ball Super and his films. Mercedes Holes (Videl) directs the dubbing in which they repeat voices like Alexandre Albaiceta (Gohan), Luis Fernando Rios (Small), Pablo Domínguez (Goku), Francisco Prieto (Vegeta), Ángeles Neira (Krilín) and joined by new voices such as those of Juan Luis Aguayo (Gamma 1) and Nacho Ruiz-Cruces (Gamma 2). A very convincing dub that keeps legendary voices from Z and others from Super, so fans will be more than familiar with them

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero becomes the best film in the franchise Great until today More conservative fans who were hoping to see Goku and Vegeta again as absolute protagonists or a traditional animation style should give it a shot. It’s a movie entertaining, fun and vibrant, with which we will not leave the screen for a second and will return to our childhood. Makankosappo!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Ganma 1 and Ganma 2

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