Does too much mother really taste better?

Once you smell the freshly baked mother bread, how can you resist it? The popularity of this crunchy bread has increased recently, but what is the mother dough? Does it taste better? Find out in this article!

Large dough bread

The unique taste of too much mother bread has made it a famous bread. It is also well recognized as a bread dough that requires a lot of work to prepare. You need a specific mother dough starter and offers complete, high quality kits that allow you to make your dough bread ferment quickly!

Classic mother dough recipes use a starter made of water and flour instead of baker’s yeast, which is used in other bread and yeast recipes. Over time, the starter ferments, giving rise to organic yeast and the distinctively sour and slightly acidic taste of the mother dough. Another feature of too much mother bread is its airy but crunchy texture.

Despite being relatively easy to make, too much mother bread needs more time to prepare than other types of homemade bread, which can be intimidating for beginner bakers. In addition, it has a rustic look because it is often made by hand.

Origin of mother dough bread

One of the most traditional methods of making bread is the mother dough. Given that the method of making this type of bread predates the more contemporary conventional options, it is likely that it was not always known as too much mother.

Although the term “too much mother” is newer, bread has existed longer than most other foods, and too much mother’s bread has existed longer than most other bread sticks.

Before commercial yeasts and mass production in the 19th century, bakers first created mother dough. Classic recipes called for flour, salt and starter. The taste of too much mother that everyone knows and loves is produced by this recipe, although it seems relatively simple.

Unique taste of too much mother bread

Too much mother bread, as its name suggests, is a particular variety of bread known for its distinctively sour taste. First, though, you’ll find that too much mother’s bread tastes like bread with normal yeast. But due to the acids at the beginning of the mother dough, this will also have a slightly spicier flavor.

However, the time in which the mother dough is left to ferment will often significantly affect the strength of this sour taste. Sour bread will taste subtly sweet after a brief fermentation. Therefore, a mother dough left to ferment for a long time will produce a significantly sour bread stick.

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The science behind too much mother’s bread

When yeast and lactobacilli, beneficial bacteria, combine and develop over time in the flour, fermentation of the mother dough occurs.

It takes a few days to ferment this initial mixture with bubbles. It is necessary to “feed” with additional flour and water regularly, which increases its volume. When ready to use, mix some starter with bread dough and let it rise. The process results in a bread that has a crunchy exterior and a chewed interior with lots of air pockets.

Removing a portion of your prime before feeding it is a step in the mothering process.

Ways to make bread with too much mother

Creating your too much mother bread at home is relatively simple. To get started, you need to create a mother dough starter. A traditional starter can be created with just flour and water. Active dry yeast is used in the recipe of the start of the mother dough to speed up the procedure.

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When your mother dough starter is ready, incorporate it with the rest of the ingredients for your bread as indicated in any recipe. There are numerous recipes for too much mother bread with slightly different techniques.


All breads are the same. However, if you want a different taste for your bread, mother dough is better! Now, not everyone will enjoy this particular type of bread. It is also one that both professional and amateur bakers often consider a major challenge. However, most nurture their mother dough entree to produce a deliciously different bread.

Too much bread is delicious and is even considered the best kind of bread for other people. But remember that a lot of effort is put into ensuring that this bread satisfies people’s taste buds.


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