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Do you prefer fish and seafood? Let it be sustainable!

Does the fishing method matter? And the season? The new episode of the A gust amb la terra podcast welcomes the Christmas season with a very clear message: For sustainable fish and seafood consumption!

Christmas is around the corner and fish and shellfish are small meals less common on the table than meat but equally appreciated during the holidays. But the question is none other than to enjoy both fish and seafood but in a sustainable way. How can we do it?

With the help of Noelia López, Nestlé nutritionistwe propose a Christmas plan compatible with our environment.

Meat or fish?

There is a lot of talk at parties about the consumption of meat. But fish and seafood are also faithful companions during the holidays.

What’s more, in 2020 nearly 790,000 tonnes of fish were caught in Spain.

“The consumption of both fish and seafood increases year after year outside and inside each home”, assures the nutritionist

Sustainable fishing

Knowing these figures, it is important to focus on how to bring consumption compatible with our seas and oceans, opting for sustainable fishing consumption…

  • Take care of the populations you want to capture
    • respecting the necessary regeneration times, for example
  • Watch out for other species that are interconnectedthat is to say, they may suffer collateral damage through, for example, damage to the ecosystem caused by unsustainable fishing.

Therefore, it is necessary to value sustainable fishing when choosing seafood. How can we ensure that the above factors are met?

Noelia López points out two ways:

  • The fishing method: It is necessary to opt for a fishing model that avoids the indiscriminate capture of species, as is the case with trawling. Because to capture species threatened, no commercial value or not the right size or age it has a very negative impact on the environment.
  • Rejection of food. Some of the species captured may return to the food chain in the form of flours. Sustainable fishing pays special attention to this.

How do you know that fish or seafood is sustainable?

Well, simply asking: the specialist assures that our trusted seller can guide us in this regard. We must have, in one way or another, the following guarantees when buying it:

  • Fishing has been done in a fishery without overfishing, managed respectfully.
  • Authorized trades.
  • Avoid endangered species.
  • Check available information on:
    • Origin or provenance
    • age
    • weight
    • technique
  • Prioritize seasonal varieties.

And aquaculture?

If we buy captive-bred fish or seafood, an equally sustainable and nutritious option, we must ensure that it meets the requirements that guarantee its ecological character, one of the determining factors being the feeding of these fish.


There are, in this sense, certificates which verify and endorse it as:

  • MSc
  • Alaska Seafood
  • Dolphin Safe

We can also opt for a veggie Christmas!

On the other hand, we cannot neglect those who decide to do without this type of product. A veggie Christmas is not mission impossible… There are also options for them!

The pleasure of eating fish without the animal protein

The Nestlé nutritionist talks, in this case, about:

  • come: alternative to tuna, but 100% vegetable. It is a product made with peas that shares flavor and texture with tuna. And, in addition, it can be used in countless recipes:
    • As a complement in a salad
    • In a simple sandwich
    • Vuna pomegranate
    • Stuffed piquillo peppers
  • Seaweed: also an interesting option to accompany and add flavor to our stews and soups.

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