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Do you know what varicocele is?


The varicoceledefined as that benign process in which the small veins surrounding the testicle, also known as, dilate abnormally scrotal varicesaffects a one in five men and up to 40% of men with infertility suffer from it.

This is what the doctor points out Laura Paul Ferrermember of the Interventional Vascular Unit of the Doctor Josep Trueta University Hospital in Girona and spokesperson of the Spanish Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (SERVEI).

Why does it happen?

The varicocele is caused by abnormal pooling of the blood which is not effectively drained to the outside of the testicles and may be due to reflux or the loss of ability of scrotal varices to drain blood.

Characteristics that define varicocele

  • Varicoceles are common develop form slow
  • It occurs more frequently in left side of the scrotum
  • It is more common in men between 15 and 25 years
  • Its sudden appearance in old age can be caused by a kidney tumorwhich blocks blood flow to a vein.

Know its symptoms!

Among the most common symptoms of varicocele, according to the expert, there are:

  • The appearance of benign tumor, swelling of the scrotum or enlarged veinsas usual painless.
  • The mild moderate dull ache or discomfort
  • Secondary infertility for the alteration of the quality of the spermiogram male, that is to say, the decrease in the quantity and quality of spermatozoa.

“The early diagnosis of varicocele avoids both the discomfort and anxiety caused by the described symptomatology and the disturbances in the quality of the sperm, which with treatment can be reversed quickly, but which in the absence of the same can generate irreversible problems” , points out Dr. Paúl Ferrer.

In most symptomatic cases the varicocele is usually diagnosed quickly by a good physical exploration and the image tests complementary

When asymptomatic…

It is clear that the problem occurs when patients do not present significant symptoms, because…

  • Increase the infradiagnosis
  • Delay diagnosis until more advanced ages, when they begin to occur fertility disorders.
EFE/Kiyoshi Ota

How is varicocele treated?

Currently, there are two ways of treating this benign process.

  • On the one hand, the surgicalperformed by urologists, which can be performed through open surgery or laparoscopy.
  • On the other, the endovascular, performed by interventional radiologists. It is a minimally invasive treatment carried out through a catheter guided by X-rays which consists of the occlusion or blocking of the vessels through the injection of enveloping materials.

Doctor Paúl Ferrer, as SERVEI spokesperson, advocates for the endovascular route.

“It presents rates of effectiveness very similar to the surgical technique and, in addition, it avoids the complications derived from conventional surgeries”, argues the doctor.

And the fact is that in these cases, patients are usually discharged on the same day of the procedure, being able to lead a normal life the next day, and recovery is faster and less painful.

Whatever the treatment, the doctor points out as a priority control symptoms important, especially pain, and return testicular function to normal.

Entry Do you know what varicocele is? it was first published in EFE Salut.

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