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Some were pioneers and were quickly placed in the first place in the minds of subscribers. Other newer ones will gain rapid acceptance and others are looking for new strategies. But there is no doubt, the best streaming platforms in 2022 son Disney Plus y HBO Max.

With a wealth of original content and from the world’s most famous brands, such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic, plus some from 20th Century Studios, Disney Plus grew in the market thanks to the premiere of the series as in Obi. -Wan Kenobi, She-Hulk and the latest Andor, from Star Wars, added to the premieres of original films such as Pinocchio and others that will move from the big screen to streaming such as Thor 4: Love & Thunder and Doctor Strange 2 and the Multiverse of Madness.

With a super competitive subscription price, both in the United States and Europe, as well as in Latin America in particular, plus one-off promotions like those they run during their Disney Plus Day weeks, there is no doubt that Disney Plus has a lot to offer, with an extensive library of 4K material, a greater number of user profiles than other platforms, and the possibility of adding Latin America to Star Plusin its Plus combo, which includes all of ESPN’s live sports.

HBO Max is another top streaming platform in 2022. Its HBO Originals series are a real sensation, including the recent release of House of the Dragon, which is joined by films received in theaters, some of the biggest recent blockbusters. years as “Spider-Man 3: No Way Home” and other guaranteed titles from Sony Pictures, in addition to those from Warner Bros., HBO, DC and Cartoon Network.

Although the price of the subscription in the United States is high, especially for the version without advertising, in Latin America it is not highly competitively priced.

Why is Netflix not among the best streaming platforms in 2022?

The reason is simple. In the last two years and particularly in this 2022, Netflix lost a lot of third-party titles, including those from Marvel, Pixar, 20th Century Studios, Disney and Star Wars, which went to Disney Plus. The same happened with DC, Warner Bros and HBO, which are obviously on HBO Max. And it is also losing those of other competitors such as those now sold on Paramount Plus and other streamers.

Netflix is ​​now having to depend mostly on original content, something that Apple TV Plus solves much better, which thanks to the multimillion-dollar pockets of the company that manufactures the iPhone gives it the taste of making high-level series and movies of production, being of the same. more award-winning platforms, despite having a smaller library, including the first Oscar to receive a streaming service, as it has been with CODA this year.

How excited are you to subscribe to Disney Plus and HBO Max?

Depending on the country in which we are, the prices will vary and will be adapted to the local currency. But in all cases, both Disney and HBO Max, being cheaper than Netflix, which puts the N giant in more trouble. Can Netflix survive the medium term?

For now, Netflix applies to launch an ad-supported subscription for the cheapest result.

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