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In recent weeks, the news about the future of streaming platforms has exploded, with some losing subscribers and looking for new ways to generate income and others related to new content. Disappearing Netflix and HBO Max? What about Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus?

While the title may be flashy, it’s not far from the truth. Warner Bros. Discovery already confirmed from mid-2023 that it will launch a new platform that will unify HBO Max and Discovery Plus, by the application of HBO Max as we know it now, you will be no more. What will be the new name? The directors of the company do not know it yet and are conducting market studies to see the brand weight that both HBO and Discovery have.

Remember that Discovery bought Warner Bros. for 43 billion dollars and decided to change the course that had been charted by the famous company that had among its assets such brands as CNN, HBO, Max Originals, Cartoon Network and DC Comics. One of the first measures was the cancellation of CNN Plus less than a month after its launch, there were personal cuts and even deciding not to release the film “Batgirl” after having invested 90 million dollars.

In the case of Netflix, the leading streaming platform, it is slowly losing subscribers, for several reasons. On the one hand, its price is the highest on the market and, more importantly, it lost a lot of its content due to the fact that a large number of series and films will move to other platforms (Disney Plus, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, etc.)

Therefore, I made the decision to start programming a new cheaper subscription plan to a change that the viewer has to see advertising, and began to charge extra if the password was shared outside the home.

Will it reach them? Netflix has a serious problem beyond content. Their income depends purely and exclusively on subscribers, something that does not happen to the rest of the streamers.

Returning to the beginning, are Netflix and HBO Max disappearing? The answer is probably. The case of HBO Max is almost confirmed and that of Netflix will depend on how the company manages to handle this transition and compete with its competitors… or is acquired by another giant.

Disney Plus, for its part, has a more promising future. With the arsenal of brands such as Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Pixar, National Geographic and 20th Century Studios, plus all the background offered by their theme parks, hotels, cruises, merchandising and theatrical films, their coffers they have multiple incomes.

Apple TV Plus he started his platform from scratch, but he has already managed to collect several merits. He won the Oscar for Best Picture 2022 with CODA, has series that are getting countless awards and nominations like Ted Lasso, Severance, For All Manking, The Morning Show and hired the best actors in Hollywood, including Leonardo Di Caprio. and Brad Pitt, for new films, which will premiere exclusively on its platform in 2023.

But, in addition, it has a lot of money in its pockets to continue growing on its platform, since its income comes from the sale, mainly of hardware (such as iPhones, iPads and Macs), plus services such as Apple Music and iCloud Drive.

There are two companies that have an assured future in the field of streaming: Apple TV Plus and Prime Video, since it is not obliged to depend on the money of subscribers. And both have sufficient capital for this, when the time and the need have come, including some of their rivals.

Disappearing Netflix and HBO Max? For the first, there are more than certain things. If in a prudent period it does not manage to improve its income, it will surely be absorbed by another giant. And for the second, we will see it reconverted in the merger with Discovery Plus.

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