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Difference between concept map, mind map and synoptic chart

A concept map is characterized by the hierarchy of concepts or ideas and their representation in meaning vertical.

The mind map starts from a central idea from which others arise ideaswhich are represented radiallythat is, they revolve around the main idea.

A synoptic chart or map organize concepts in a hierarchical way, but, unlike the concept map, it does so in a form horizontal.

the similarities between concept map, mind map and synoptic chart are that they all are tools that help to understand an idea. All present the information synthesized in the form of diagrams or diagrams.

The difference among them all lies in the way the information is organized and in the sense in which it is broken down.

Concept map

one concept map represents a main concept from which a series of nodes or ramifications are broken down, which are connected ranging from the general to the specific. Linking words are used in a concept map to clarify the connections that link subordinate ideas to the central concept.

The aim of a concept map is to structure the information in a hierarchical way to speed up learning thanks to the arrangement of the elements.

In this way, the use of the concept map helps to understand concepts with hierarchical levels such as the classification of living things or a sequence of historical events.

Concept map examples

concept map

Concept map

mind map

one mind map it differs by being a more flexible diagram. It uses interrelated concepts that emerge through spontaneous methods such as brainstorming or brainstorming. Related concepts are linked by arms or branches to other ideas, creating a mental logic that aids learning.

The aim of a mind map is to achieve, with the spontaneous relationship of concepts on a topic, learning through familiar and own ways of thinking. In this sense, mind maps are useful for preparing a dissertation or analyzing a poem or literary work.

Mind map examples

mind map

mind map

Synoptic table

The synoptic chart it offers a total visualization of a set of concepts that keep a relationship with each other, organized in an orderly way, from the general to the particular.

Unlike the concept map, the presentation follows a horizontal direction, usually from left to right. The information is presented underdeveloped, keywords or the most important ideas are usually used.

The goal is to be able to mentally sort through the information at a glance. The synoptic table works like the index of a book, where at first glance what will develop later is shown.

Examples of synoptic table

Synoptic table

Key scheme

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