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Decalogue to take care of our sexual health in 2023

HIV, HPV, syphilis, gonorrhea… are some of the many sexually transmitted diseases that circulate. Taking care of our sexual health in this 2023 must be a priority

Decalogue to take care of our sexual health in 2023

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Sometimes we only focus on adopting a healthier lifestyle: exercising, eating a varied and balanced diet, putting aside excesses… but what about our sexual health? How can we take care of her?

With the arrival of the new year, different goals that we hope to fulfill always come to our minds. This way it can be the perfect time to start thinking about our sexual health.

A very important aspect that is present in our lives and that also requires care to be able to enjoy it without any scares or setbacks.

“We cannot lose sight of the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Some such as gonorrhea, syphilis or chlamydia, which are increasing every year in Spain, do not show their face until they are very advanced and can have very unpleasant consequences”, explains Miguel Ángel Llamas, molecular biologist and member of the board of directors of empire

Tips for satisfactory sexual health

With a view to taking care of our sexual health in 2023, the experts at Emperi offer different advices that can help us enjoy a full and safe sex life:

  1. Always use a condom!. Especially when we have an active sex life and with several partners. It is not only a question of preventing pregnancies, but of protecting yourself against any contagion by sharing fluids.
  2. Protection also for oral sex. If there is contact with sexual fluids or other conditions, such as warts, herpes, parasites (ringworms) or molluscs, there is a risk.
  3. The pill does not prevent infections. Pharmacological contraceptive methods such as the pill, as well as intrauterine devices (IUDs), surgical or chemical spermicides help prevent pregnancy but do not sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  4. Nor does PrEP. Pre-exposure prophylaxis is a useful pharmacological method to prevent infection by hivbut not for other pathologies such as gonorrheathe syphilis or the vhuman papilloma virus (HPV)among others.
  5. Watch out for toys. Sharing toys is not very advisable, the most recommended is that everyone uses their own, alone and in company.
  6. Avoid the consumption of alcohol and drugs. We know that the chemsex it’s fashionable, but it’s also responsible for a multitude of contagions, so it’s better not to put it into practice.
  7. Control tests. Carrying out regular tests that rule out an infection bring peace of mind and greater enjoyment of sexual relations. In addition, if the result were positive, we could access appropriate treatment as soon as possible.
  8. Get to know STDs in depth. Understanding the effects of different sexually transmitted diseases can help us to be alert and not act on impulse.
  9. Porn is not a good example. Sometimes we want to repeat what we see in certain scenes, but it’s not the best idea. Porn actors and actresses undergo control tests at each shoot to show that they will not be at risk of contagion.
  10. And again… the condom always!. It does not hurt to repeat it, as it is the best barrier to protect us from many pathologies that can harm us in the long term.
Take care of sexual health prevention
Image provided by Empiri

Doubts about your sexual health?

For its part, Empíreo has developed a free mobile application so that any user can resolve doubts about STDs, symptoms, risks, sexual health, etc…

The application, based on an algorithm of more than ninety scientific and statistical publications, together with the support of different specialized professionals, sheds light on any doubt that may arise.

An advance that means being closer to achieving a sexual health of well-being for everyone.

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