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CSE Software – Communicate easily with your employees

After the election, it is not always easy for newly elected members of a social and economic committee to communicate with employees. CSE software can facilitate the transmission of information to everyone.

The social and economic committee represents the workers

Compulsory in all companies with more than eleven workers, the social and economic committee (CSE) is made up of elected workers. They constitute the staff delegation for four years. The missions of the CSE depend among other things on the size of the company.

They generally allow employees to represent themselves, for example by reporting wage complaints to management. They can also relate to the management of the budget for social and cultural activities (ASC).

With the dematerialization of corporate administrative services, many CSEs work with computerized solutions. Several companies in the market offer this type of software such as Leeto.

Communication from the social and economic committee

A CSE needs to communicate with employees for more than one reason. First to introduce yourself. Immediately after the election in which its incumbent or alternate members have been elected, a CSE may have to send a presentation of the new staff delegation, recalling its main missions, the location of its facilities and the its opening hours.

Another example is the management of ASCs. A CSE may need to advertise its various benefits to employees.

Software Csede Communication with employees

There are many software programs in the market today. To choose it well, you must first define your needs and your budget. CSE software is generally accessible via monthly key subscription packages.

Fees vary depending on the options chosen, but also the size of the CSE, the number of user accesses you want. Options include budget tracking, editing invoices, maintaining a list of beneficiaries, generating communications, dematerializing gift checks, and more.

These IT solutions make work easier and save a lot of time. However, before you commit, you should be careful about certain points, in particular compliance with legislation, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Finally, CSE software requires installation and some familiarity. Support or even training from your service provider can be helpful. And while using the software, you may need an accessible phone line to contact a technician in the event of a malfunction or simply a question.

Good communication between the elected members of a company’s social and economic committee and employees is essential. CSE software not only allows you to centralize the tasks assigned to staff delegation, and therefore facilitate them, but also communication with employees. To choose the IT solution you need, check the reliability of the service provider and its general conditions of sale.

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