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CRIS against cancer launches a new campaign

The #canvialahistòriadelcàncer campaign insists on the importance of research through the experience of three cancer patients. Nuria (48 years old), José David (27 years old) and Maria (16 years old)

On the eve of World Cancer DayFebruary 4, the CRIS Foundation against cancer launch the campaign #canvialahistòriadelcancerto raise awareness that the only solution to combat it is not another but research.

Because cancer, as a pandemic disease, it’s everyone’s thing: society, institutions and government.

That’s how he sees it Marta Cardona, director of CRIS against cancer which seeks greater involvement in these actors.

“Cancer is everyone’s thing. Who does not have a loved one who is a cancer patient? A brother, a mother, a child or a friend”, says the director of the foundation.

1 in 3 people will develop cancer throughout our life. This is what Cardona points out, who defines cancer as the leading cause of death in Western society.

In addition, he adds, more and more tumors are being diagnosed in people younger peopleso it becomes a greater need to find a solution.

In fact, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has shown that the effort to find a short-term solution makes a big difference. That’s why in the foundation they set 2040 as the goal. Then they aim to have a cure against cancer.

One campaign, three stories of cancer patients

through the testimony of cancer patientsthe campaign emphasizes the role of cancer research and gives voice to situations that would otherwise go unnoticed.

The idea is clear: Without research they would not be where they are today.

Nuria Caldes, 48 ​​years old

“Cancer affects us all and, therefore, we are all an involved part of the solution”

CRIS campaign against cancer
Nuria Caldes Image provided by Fundació CRIS against cancer

He received the diagnosis of cancer in the first mammography of routine control that was carried out. They detected one in her stage 2 breast cancer.

Núria entered the operating room a week later. She has been treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Later, they removed the uterus and the fallopian tubes.

Today she is being treated with hormone therapy and continues with medical checkups every five months.

Theirs childrenher family and the sportwhich he has never stopped practicing, have been his main pillars throughout the treatment.

José David Sotillo, 27 years old

“Research is the only way to beat cancer. Thanks to access to clinical trials and research, I’m alive”

jose david, #changehistoryofcancer
Jose David Sotillo. Image provided by Fundació CRIS against cancer

He was diagnosed with cancer in a medical examination at work and recently married: lymphoblastic leukemia.

He had a bone marrow transplant from his mother 2 years ago.

He has had a relapse and is currently in one clinical trial.

Maria, 16 years old

“Thanks to the work of the CRIS foundation against cancer, there are specialized units in public hospitals. I am a patient of the CRIS Children’s Cancer Unit”

maria, campaign #canvialahistòriadelcáncer
Maria, on the left. Image provided by Fundació CRIS against cancer

with 12 years was diagnosed with leukemia, childhood cancer.

He has undergone two bone marrow transplants, the first from his sister, 100% compatible. Two years later he needed a second transplant, this time from his mother.

Currently, Maria goes to hers revisions and taken chemotherapy pills.

The foundation of CRIS, another story of overcoming

Lola Manterola in 2007 was diagnosed with a multiple myelomaa tumor still incurable today.

The shortcomings that she glimpsed from the inside, as a patient, led her and her husband, Diego Megía, to actively commit to the development of cancer research, founding in 2010 the CRIS Foundation (Cancer Research Innovation Science) against cancer.

The Foundation currently operates in Spain, Great Britain i France and, in addition to having more than 65,000 members, it has launched numerous projects that make a big difference.

In this way, the raison d’être of the foundation is to offer to everyone a second chancethe one the founder had at the time.

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