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Coffee Concentrate 101: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a person who can’t be seen until you’ve had your morning coffee, you know how important it is to have a daily cup of joe. However, having the same drip coffee day can get boring as time goes on. Plus, it can seem wasteful when you have to make a whole pot of coffee and only want a cup or two to start your day. So if you’re looking for new ways to upgrade your usual coffee routine, it’s a good idea to try concentrated coffee.

Concentrated coffee is a form of coffee that is made by steeping coffee beans in cold water for an extended period of time in order to create a coffee concentrate. With coffee concentrate, you can make a variety of different coffee drinks just by adding water or milk and your desired sweetener. If you want to learn more about the different ways coffee concentrate can help improve your morning routine, we’re here to help with a guide to everything you need to know about this fun java form that’s taking over the coffee industry. coffee by storm

What is coffee concentrate?

As mentioned above, coffee concentrate is a form of coffee that is made by steeping ground coffee beans in cold water. The coffee grounds must macerate for more than 24 hours to achieve maximum caffeine strength and perfect flavor. Once steeped, the coffee concentrate is ready to use. It’s important to note that you won’t want to use coffee concentrate on its own – since coffee concentrate is made with a 1:1 ratio of coffee to water, it’s incredibly strong and can be overwhelming.

Therefore, it is essential to mix your coffee concentrate with six to eight ounces of water or milk, depending on the coffee drink you are planning to make. For most coffee drinks, you’ll only need to use a tablespoon or two of coffee concentrate.

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Coffee concentrate also comes in a variety of different flavors. Some of the most popular flavors of coffee concentrate include vanilla, mocha, and caramel. These flavored coffee concentrates are ideal for when you want to make a delicious latte or iced coffee drink. Some coffee concentrates even come in decaffeinated form, so you can enjoy a decaffeinated coffee drink with the same great taste as coffee concentrate. For every coffee mood you’re in, there’s a perfect coffee concentrate for it.

How is coffee concentrate different from iced coffee and cold brew?

Although you might initially consider coffee concentrate to be the same as iced coffee or cold brew, there are actually a number of small differences that separate these three forms of coffee.

Coffee with ice

Iced coffee is made by pouring coffee that has been brewed with hot water over ice. While iced coffee is perfectly fine to drink, it tends to be watered down and has a slightly more acidic taste than coffee concentrate or cold brew. Plus, you’ll also need to prepare a pot of coffee to make it, which might not be ideal when you just want to have a cup of coffee.

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Cold Brew

Cold brew and coffee concentrate are similar in that they both require steeping the coffee in cold water. However, cold brew uses a coffee to water ratio of 1:4, meaning it is more diluted than coffee concentrate. Also, cold brew coffee is typically brewed for a slightly shorter period of time than coffee concentrate. In fact, you can make your own cold brew from coffee concentrate: simply mix a tablespoon or two of coffee concentrate with eight ounces of water to create a perfect cup of cold brew to enjoy.

If you don’t want to have to buy a big jug of cold brew to put in the freezer for the week, making your own cold brew from coffee concentrate is a great alternative. You can also mix your favorite milk and sweeteners into your cold beer if you’re looking for a little sugar.

Can coffee concentrate be used to make hot coffee drinks?

We’ve mostly talked about using coffee concentrate to make cold coffee drinks, but you can also make great hot coffee drinks with it. To make a hot coffee concentrate drink, simply add a teaspoon or two of coffee concentrate to a cup of hot water or steamed milk and enjoy. Whatever the weather or mood, there’s a concentrated coffee drink for you.

In conclusion

Coffee concentrate is a great way to make your favorite coffee drinks at home. It’s a great alternative to iced coffee, cold coffee and hot coffee that allows you to make whatever type of drink you feel like at the moment; what kind of coffee drinks are you excited to make with coffee concentrate?

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