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Cocktails with whiskey to celebrate your passion for music | Recipes | nnda | nnnn | RECIPES

Music is a universal language and every November 22nd is the date agreed to celebrate World Musician’s Day where tribute is paid to all the artists who express their way of seeing the world through their talent with different rhythms, sounds and melodies. It’s a great opportunity to not only enjoy a good song, but one cocktail that represents everything that fills you with passion.

Making every moment count, the iconic whiskey brand, Jack Daniel’s, always reaffirms its link with music, having a presence at major musical events and allying with renowned exponents such as Frank Sinatra and Van Halen, and in the scene local with Charlie. Parra, Jhovan Tomasevich, Alejandro Roca Rey, Outsiders, among others.

On this occasion, Luis Castro, Brand Ambassador of the brand, shares with us the recipes for a Jack Ginger and Jack Julep that you can prepare at home and celebrate World Musician’s Day.

1. Jack Ginger


2 oz of Jack Daniel’s No. 7

¼ oz Criollo lime juice

4oz Ginger Ale

1 Rosemary


  1. First, put ice cubes in a long glass. Then, place the whisky, the lemon juice and complete with the ginger ale.
  2. Quickly, stir gently so as not to lose the ginger ale bubbles.
  3. Finally, decorate with a sprig of rosemary, which must be lit slightly to aromatize.

2. Jack Julep


  • 2 oz of Jack Daniel’s Nº7
  • 12 leaves of Hierba Buena
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • Sparkling water
  • 1 oz Tahitian lemon juice


  1. First, place the hierba bona in a glass together with the sugar and lemon. Then, gently mash the ingredients in the glass. Then pour in the whiskey and stir lightly with a spoon.
  2. Add ice and fill with sparkling water to taste.
  3. Finally, stir again so they can mix all the ingredients and decorate with a sprig of good grass.

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