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The “TAPAS” promotion is coming to an end. If you still haven’t decided, what is the reason? You’ve probably heard of them, but what exactly are they? The promotion consists of offering a free beer for the purchase of two or more tickets in certain restaurants. There are many restaurants involved, so consider the terms of each before making your decision.

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Basilica of Guadalupe – Tapas

There are no tapas more traditional than those served at the Basilica of Guadalupe. Legend has it that they were prepared by the apostle Juan Diego for the daughters of Emperor Teodoro II, who tasted them together with his courtiers during an official visit to the church. However, the story is not complete: according to some historians, the apostle tried several recipes that he then distributed among his parishioners. Tradition says that the most popular tapas are tripe tamales, but meat in chile sauce or chicharrón also stand out.

The “TAPAS…” promotion

In accordance with the provisions of the Promotions Regulations, the “TAPAS…” Promotion aims to favor users by means of a discount on the food tariff in the restaurant units. In addition, the conditions of participation are established.

To participate in this promotion, customers under the age of 18 only need to enter accompanied by an adult who provides contact details. Customers can choose from three different types of discount: free, holiday or regular. The promotion will come into force from Monday 17th January and will be valid until Friday 21st January.

The base of the “TAPAS…” Promotion

The basis of the promotion of “TAPAS…” is respect for people and respect for human rights. The promotion is essential in order to improve the quality of life of the people who participate in it, as well as respect for acquired rights. To this end, measures will be taken to ensure fairness in access to the promotion and to protect the identity of participants.

Under the principle of proportionality, all people will have the right to participate in the promotion without discrimination. The requirements to participate will be established in a regulation that will be published before the start of the promotion. The regulation will also contain information on the procedure for requesting assistance in case of need and details

The participation process


The participation process in the “Tapas…” promotion applies to all those interested in participating. For him, it is necessary to register on the portal www.tapastropg.com and complete the corresponding registration form. The requirements to be admitted are the following: put up a table or table, have a blog and have published at least one article in the month before the moment of registration. The registration process can be carried out within 24 hours of receiving the form until 12 noon the following day. The number of participants is limited and a single quota will be allocated for each month. The promotions are

The results of the “TAPAS…” promotion

The results of the “TAPAS…” promotion are available for consultation on the project’s blog. The promotion lasted two months and was launched as an initiative to support local gastronomy. During this period, 1,500 tapas were distributed among the participants. The main categories of food that appeared on the tapas were fast food, salads and typical dishes of the area.

The purpose of this promotion was to recognize participants for their excellent service and to thank them for devoting their time to improving local gastronomy. They developed a ranking based on the number of visitors who received the tapas, to be recomputed every two weeks. The main prize was 25% off the price of This guide will show you how to find an excellent article or blog post about Tapas Coca Cola. You can visit their website directly at www.coca-coladeparaguay.com.py. Read more about Coca Cola caps below.

Nov 18, 2021 – … the Organiser), organizes the promotion called “PROMO TAPAS COCA-COLA NAVIDAD 2021” (hereinafter, the Promotion), which will be governed by…

so much buying coke and looking for the cap I’m missing, it’s going to give me diabetes. Coke,…

Gladys Jimenez. The shops don’t want to trade, they say they don’t have the permit, I have about 11 tapas. 7th Report. Coca Cola, profile picture. coke

August 1, 2021 – CIEL PROMO TAPAS ROJAS (hereinafter the Promotion) is a… for consumers and participants created by LA EXPORTACIÓN COCA-COLA.

Coca-Cola Returnable, collect 5 green capsules and replace them with a 2.5 liter Coca-Cola · This offer is not available. · You may be interested · Soriana Altabrisa Mérida: …

You will be surprised to know why Coca-Cola with a yellow cap is kosher.

15 Jan 2018 – In the specific case of caps with codes redeemable for Bancomer prizes, the user will have until March 31 to participate in…

October 15, 2021 – “Promotion: Coca-Cola Taparroscas “Let’s go back to the cinema”. 1. Acceptance of the terms and conditions. Participation in this promotion involves…

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June 4, 2020 – Only in Coca Cola® are your tapas worth it, look for golden tapas in familiar products, create your account at https://www.coca-cola.com.mx and…

January 7, 2021 – Register the Tapa Pincode at https://destapamas.coca-cola.com/ to redeem it in points or you can present it together with the…

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