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Close to 100% open and read rate, high ROI – the benefits of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing (telephony, SMS and push notifications) has become an essential tool for PR and marketing professionals. It is appreciated for its various benefits such as:

  • Close to 100% open and read rate for text messages and push notifications.
  • A very targeted marketing strategy allowing each mobile user to be individually targeted based on their interests and location.
  • Creation of a emotional bond with potential clients and customers.
  • Recipients always are reagents.
  • Vector of essential modernity to attract the younger generations.

Setting up an effective campaign

To set up an effective mobile marketing campaign, you need to know several techniques:

  • Search for Opt’In contactsthat is, those who have agreed to receive information.
  • Avoid opt-out contactsthat is, those who have not given their consent to receive their information.
  • Leading collaborationsin order to generate new contacts and share costs and benefits.
  • Determine the right timing and the right distribution channels.

To find a perfect balance between these four criteria, using advanced marketing automation software tools is an interesting solution. Social media, instant messaging and email marketing are all digital channels that can be used based on the profile of the users.

Close to 100% open and read rates King high The benefits of mobile marketing

mobile marketing : a strategy that should not be overlooked!

Mobile marketing is an extremely powerful tool when used well. Its potential is immense if we know how to find the right balance between the different aspects mentioned above: Opt’In contacts, Opt’Out contacts, the timing and the channels used.

With the use of automated software tools, everything becomes simpler. It may seem complicated at first, but once you get familiar with the platform, each step can be carried out quickly and easily without becoming time-consuming or complicated.

And now ?

Mobile marketing offers many possibilities for developing profitable campaigns, especially when combined with other techniques such as email marketing or online advertising. Once you’ve established the right target audience and the right channels to use for your campaigns, it’s time to figure out what kind of content you want to share and craft your messages to maximize conversions.

To optimize your ROI and get the best results, it’s important to analyze campaign results with tools like Google Analytics or Firebase. It’s not just about measuring the number of opens, but also about analyzing the behavior of your recipients: the pages they visit, how long they stay on your website, or even what prompts them to convert.

All of this information is extremely valuable in dramatically improving your mobile marketing strategy.

Once you have an effective strategy and have learned a lot about your audience, you will quickly see the effectiveness of mobile marketing. It’s not unusual to see up to 10x ROI on certain campaigns!

Conclusion: A powerful tool for professionals

Mobile marketing is a highly effective technique that allows businesses to speak directly to mobile users and create a link between them and their target audiences. It has many advantages, including close to 100% open and read rates, individual targeting and the ability to constantly reinvent itself thanks to new technologies (augmented reality, chatbot, etc.).

Mobile marketing can offer a very interesting return on investment if we know how to find the right balance between Opt-In contacts, Opt-Out contacts, timing and channels to use. Software tools and services can help you create smarter and more effective campaigns.

Finally, by analyzing the results obtained, it is possible to constantly improve your strategy and maximize the return on investment. Mobile marketing is a powerful tool that all professionals should explore to increase their visibility and engage their target audience.

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