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Cleaning material for clinics: What are the essentials?

Products and cleaning material necessary in clinical areas

Cleaning material for clinics

The cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of surfaces, are processes that are oriented to minimization of the transmission of infections in clinical and hospital environments.

This guide is not intended to be exhaustive and only provides a summary of cleaning material needed in clinics or hospital area. In this article we will clearly distinguish four different areas within the clinic: Office, surgical, conditions and common areas.

Office area and furniture

The cleaning in them workstations and furniture it must be the same as that of the rest of the spaces even if it does not have direct contact with clients or surgical areas or work areas with patients. This section will use microfibre cloths for dust and furniture and a multi-surface cleaner with bio-alcohol that has fast evaporation and pleasant smell a clean

bioalcohol disinfectant cleaner

In soils, if the surface is large enough and when cleared, flat mops can be used to collect dust and mops for washing. We recommend using our air freshener effect floor cleaners to set the room. Crystals must be cleaned with a crystal cleaner with bio-alcohol so that it evaporates quickly and does not leave circles or marks of dirt or product..

You will also need to replace them trash bags for waste collection in bins.

Surgical area or patient treatment area

They are usually filled cleaning and sterilization techniques for material and instruments so this guide will only give directions for mobility and not of any technical nature.

This area is the more sensitive and disinfectant and bactericidal cleaners with biocide registration should be used on a daily basis, it is very important to use bayetas differentiated by colors not to mix surfaces.

bactericidal disinfectant

These recommendations should apply to all types of surfaces, including floors and pavements.

It is preferable not to use air fresheners here not by aerosol or any type of format.

Common areas and waiting rooms

In the common areas and waiting rooms, depending on its extension or cleaning cartsize, can be used multifunction cleaning carts paragraph facilitate the task of the professional of cleaning In the multi-service carts can be transported all types of cleaning material for the clinicfrom spare parts of toilet papergarbage bags, cloths, scrubbers and all the necessary chemical products.

Just like the office areas must be used cleaners with bioalcohol for mobility and flat mops for floors.

In this area it is very important to use air fresheners for large surfaces pues transmits one good image of our business before customers, we recommend here the Ambimatic system with automatic dosing air fresheners since they are more practical, efficient and comfortable.

Bathrooms and conditions

Bathrooms and conditions must be always clean at all times. Use chlorinated cleaners they disinfect and leave a pleasant and non-irritating smell as I read it It can also be used on floors.

Always use disposable gloves, such as nitrile gloves or latex gloves, for a protect ourselves from chemicals.

An essential cleaning product in any public bathroom are trash bags. Using biodegradable garbage bags is a perfect option to take care of the environment and maintain optimal hygiene tests of common use.

If you want to be can use drip air fresheners for the toilet since they are small spaces with little ventilation.

mini mecha paper 12 rolls

Paper mini mecha 12 rolls

Finally, two essential elements that must have all types of common bathroom is paper secmanos and its corresponding dispenser. In this case, in Clim Professional you will find different formats of secmanos paper: type mecha, mini mecha, zig zag, etc and so on dispensers corresponding

This type of dry paper is the best option to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria since they are discarded after use.

paper dispenserspaper dispensers

At Clim Profesional we have all kinds of products and cleaning materials for professionals or domestic use. You will be able to find from chemical products for cleaning all types of surfaces, to accessories and professional cleaning tools such as crystal cubes, glass cleaners, scrapers, industrial mops or special brushes for the food industry.

We are waiting for you at Clim Professional to advise from start to finish in your purchase process.

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