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Claiming… that Elite seems like a good series to you

Claiming Elite

Wait, wait… we’re not eating our %&$# so soon, as Mr. Wolf would say Pulp Fiction (this phrase always finds a loophole to use. Pure genius). What shall I say that which dies for you or is not good? And more than elite, that there is nowhere to take it. Addictive shit, but shit all the same. Well this is where you are wrong. It seems good to you, the thing is that you haven’t stopped to think about it, because… let’s not be fooled… Who doesn’t like to talk badly about this series? He was born for this! Well wait, when you finish reading this article you yourself will recognize that the series looks good to you. No? You’ll see.

elite is a soap opera of handsome high school boys who spend half the film shirtless. Seen like this, it is nothing more than the umpteenth review of When leaving class, The boarding school, Mates, Physics or chemistry, The Serranos or sms with whom we had a great time but let’s go… No one confesses it outright. It’s also true that if a movie or series takes place in a high school, we automatically assume it’s bad. This is one of the most deeply rooted prejudices in the cinephile’s subconscious (probably fueled by our bad school experiences). But hey, they happen in a high school Off the wave, bad girls, Election, The hole or 10 reasons to hate you which are absolutely wonderful, as much as we hate high schools, and I for one.

In addition, it is that elite it’s not really a high school series, that’s just the context. elite it is, above all, a police series, in which the plot progresses through the investigation of a murder. In any other student series, the narrative progresses through the interaction of the characters with each other, but each season of elite begins with a murder and each chapter leads us to discover what, by whom and why. Take away the noir component and you have no plot. And if there’s one thing we Spaniards are good at, it’s making crime films. Spain is the country where it was filmed the crack, The minimal island, There will be no peace for the wicked, Cell 212, Late for anger, the kingdom, Box 507 and those that remain to come. The police genre is given to us like a whore elite it’s good proof.

Elite 02

But that’s not all. It could be an existential drama that would depress Von Trier himself, which fulfills all the requirements to be considered a good series: It is well directed, the script is solid, with a well-developed plot and properly constructed characters. She is well acted and if you think otherwise it is because it gives you courage that the actors are more handsome than you. You can’t say either one does it wrong. Well, okay, we had to get to the Pol Granch moment… it was inevitable. Well, okay, none of us really know what he’s doing in the series, and he’s definitely not up to par with the rest, but the overall cast makes up for one shortcoming. In the end, Rosario Flores took home all the honors for her performance in talk to herbut the film still seemed good to everyone.

elite is a “quarry” series from which the actors who will mark the next Spanish cinema will come out. Soon we will see everywhere (if we are already seeing them) Dana Paola, Miguel Bernardeau, Aró Piper, Carla Díaz or Ester Expósito and they all left here. elite it is this generational milestone that gives birth to a whole host of stars. For this reason alone, he has earned his name in the history of Spanish cinema.

Elite 01

It is technically impeccable. The photography is well done in front of what is a typical national series. In other words: it doesn’t look like you’ve walked into The English Court, with everything completely lit up. It sounds pretty good, which is something that is taken for granted that it should be like that, but I repeat: It is a Spanish series. If you understand when you speak up to Itzan Escamilla! Who is from the Mario Casas school and recites all the lines whispering and looking at the neck! And he is heard! Mini point for the sound department no… Point, seven and game! Perhaps the most relevant of the technical department is the dressing room, which has managed to create an iconic student uniform and which has taken tiktok by storm. Yes… tik tok… tik tok is the yardstick for measuring the level of cultural impact of cinema. Let the metrorite fall already. Anyway, let’s continue.

Claiming… the film career that Malena Gràcia didn’t have

So… if a series is well directed, well written, well acted and the technical department is good… then tell me why elite it’s a bad series. You see? I left you without arguments. Yes, you will continue to say that it is a children’s novel and that there is no place to take it because it lends itself to it… but inside you will enjoy elite as a quality cinematographic product… and you know it.

Well, and also Manu Rios’s ass, that all has to be said.

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