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Chronicle of the 95th edition of the Oscars

Oscars Gala 2023

The 95th ceremony of the Oscars have crowned a Everything at once everywhere as the greatest fricada ever nominated. The icing on the cake for the most awarded film in history. And let’s not forget that it’s a science fiction comedy. wonderful

The Oscars have finally regained the luster it had been losing. A simple but colorful scenography, a master of ceremonies turned out (not memorable, but cute), an effective staging and no nonsense like handing out certain prizes behind closed doors (last year they gave nothing less than editing and photography before the ceremony begins).

With their second film, the Daniels become the third couple to win the Oscar for best director (after Cohen and Jerome Robbins & Robert Wise). They have also snuck in three actors awarded for the same film. This had only happened with Network and with A Streetcar Named Desire. It’s also the third time a comedy has won directing (after The artist i La la land) and the second that does so a science fiction one (after The shape of water).

Gala Oscars 2023 01

After winning film, director, screenplay and three of the actors; Everything at once everywhere is, officially, the film that has won the most major awards in 95 years of Oscars (and a very difficult mark to match).

All four actors have won in the first nomination. Both actresses were over sixty years old (when the average is 36). Michelle Yeoh she manages to be the first Oriental to win and the second non-white actress. Brendan Fraser succeed in breaking the curse of the prodigal sons. Commercial stars who disappear and come back with a great performance are nominated but never win (like Stallone, Mickey Rourke, Eddy Murphy, Michael Keaton and Bill Murray)… until now.

They started very high. The first awards, supporting actors, can be the most emotional moments of the gala. In a way they spent two cannonballs too early, but of course that’s how you start with power. Ke Huy Quan he directly received a standing ovation, which may seem exaggerated until we know that he had not worked for twenty years because he could not find papers. Like that, yes. What we overlooked in the excitement of seeing a Jamie Lee Curtis was Angela Basset’s reaction… A poem. As the legendary Paloma Cuesta would have said: “The faces, Juan, the faces”.

Germany won the fourth Oscar with the third adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s novel «No novelty on the front». Therefore, we can say that a remake has won the Oscar for international film. He also took music, photography and artistic direction. He liked the movie.

Gala Oscars 2023 02

Diane Warren he lost the Oscar for best song again… and there were 14 of them. What may seem cruel must be put into perspective: He’s never really had options, he’s never had a favorite song.

His two most important nominations were for Because you love me (Intimate and personal) i Don’t wanna miss a thing (Armageddon), but the rest of his subjects have been a bit of “filler”. Of course, RRR it had the song of the year and one of the musical scenes that will go down in history. The performance was the most anticipated of the night and, based on what was done in the film, it is already one of the legendary performances in the history of the Oscars. It has become the fourth non-English song to win and the first in Telugu.

Damien Chazelle had managed to get all his films to be awarded… even Babylon, which has gone empty. Curious the Chazelle phenomenon, he created one of the most important films of the decade and seemed like the white hope of cinema. However, he has deflated himself with each title that has followed until he has become a director teetering on irrelevance.

Maverick gained sound (which he had lost Top Gun) but lost song (which the original film did win).

Finally, the accumulation of prizes (something that had not been seen for a long time) has left nothing a The Fablemen, elvis, Babylon, Grieving Souls of Inisherin i Tar. That the film that won was made with 6 other awards was not seen since 2008 from 8 Slumdog Millionaire.

See you next year!

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