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The end-of-year festivities are a great opportunity to toast the good opportunities that were given during the 12 months, the joys and the having of the reunited family. While in Christmas o New Year is common to celebrate with champagne, wine is also a great choice not only to serve in a glass, but to give as a special gift to a loved one, What tips to follow before buying? Here we tell you in detail.

John Santa Cruz, brand ambassador for the Destilería 16 wine line, offers these tips for choosing the perfect type and what to consider before going to the establishment.

  1. Price: it is not necessary to give away an expensive wine because the price does not necessarily imply higher quality. In addition, there are excellent wines of excellent value for money such as the new Californian line ‘Dark Horse’. If you think it’s better to give away a very expensive wine, go ahead. But keep in mind that you can fit your budget and give away a bottle of very good wine. “If you are looking for a very good price, the ‘Dark Horse’ Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent choice,” he said.
  2. Source: In Lima we are lucky to have a wide and varied amount of wines from different origins. Argentina, Bolivia, Croatia, Chile, Spain, United States, Italy, New Zealand, Uruguay, among some countries presented and of course good Peruvian wines. But if you are looking to differentiate California wines are among the most sought after worldwide for their high quality and great personality, a Merlot would be a great alternative.
  3. Preferences: “One of the biggest mistakes you make when choosing a wine is to give away an expensive one or one that we like, but it may turn out that the person we are going to give away does not like it. That’s why you need to find out your tastes and preferences. For example, if you are a fan of modern, fruity and fresh wines, the ideal wine is Sauvignon Blanc ”, emphasizes the brand ambassador.
  4. Versatility: the pairing is the best experience to enjoy the wine in all its splendor and in family. One that combines with multiple dishes of our Peruvian cuisine is a rosé wine. Its sweet, complete and very fresh notes would be the perfect label for Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner, recommends the ambassador who emphasizes that these options can be found on the e-commerce platform of Cava 16.
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