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December is the favorite month for many because of the end-of-year celebrations, special dates where the family gathers to share Christmas dinner or welcome in 2022. In many homes Christmas Eve is marked by baked turkey, piglet, Arabic rice and the different garnishes that decorate the table, but also many choose to toast for the Christmas and prosperity in the home. This is where wine becomes a great alternative to accompany food or be the drink for the toast apart from traditional champagne.

The wine guarantees a pleasant family time and a pleasant sharing. Thanks to its fruity flavors and aromas it becomes ideal for this type of dinner or evening, even more so when the background dishes make a good fusion on the table.

For this reason, Rebeca Caballero, manager of Vino y Roble, presents three wine options if you are thinking of including a touch of inevitable joy in the dinner:

1. Wine with a fruity sensation: the Family Reserve Tagua Tagua is a wine that is very well structured and soft to be a good companion for this type of dinner, typical with its barrel aromas that makes this wine a very complete bouquet. It is easy to drink and has 16 months in first-use barrels, is a ruby ​​red color and purple tones, with a scent of herbaceous, eucalyptus and black pepper and a taste of red fruit, chocolate and coffee.

2. Wine with the presence of red fruits: if in your family they are of classic wood, the Malbec 99 fires is the ideal one because it is very well defined, typical of Argentina. It has all the features of a Malbec, currants, red fruits, Jamaican flower and all its details. The American barrel gives it incredible potential, and it has a chocolate and coconut aroma that combines very well with all the aromas. It has a crystalline violet color and is balanced in the mouth; it is fresh, with aroma of black and red fruits.

3. Perfect wine for meats: the Empordalia Gama ABC is a good choice for Christmas dinner, Antina, Balmeta and Coromina are ideal to take at any time of the day and to accompany the stews on this date. They are intense and bright cherry red wines. They have aromas of candied black fruit, such as cherry, blackberry, combined with notes of gray pepper. On the palate they are intense and complete wines with hints of vanilla and exotic spices.

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