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Chazelle and Hurwitz’s Babylon

It’s finally in theaters’Babylon‘, the new film from director Damien Chazelle. A tape that mixture various genres mixed by his unmistakable passion for jazz. Soundtrack and an overwhelming ode to cinema that will make us fly out of our seats. Chaos feels good here.

where do i start

Babylon, Margot Robbie, Diego Calva

Babylon‘ of damien Chazelle it’s so big and so complex that I don’t know where to start. For lovers of American cinema, you can advise me to talk about jazz and its composer Justin Huswitzbut I leave that for dessert. What I will tell you is to explain a little more about what it is. A girl (superbly played by the crazy Margot Robbie) wants to climb to the top of the Hollywood industry, while a guy she just met (played by Diego Calva) who wants the most in life is to be in a shooting Both will tell us a love story and accompany us in the evolution of cinema. In other words, while both try to climb to the top of the cinema, it will be seen in continuous transformation due to the incessant changes produced technically speaking. So that you understand me, it is the same story that he tells us Gene Kelly in the iconic ‘Singing in the Rain’, but with the touch of Chazelle.

What does ‘Singing in the Rain’ have to do with it?

Babylon, Margot Robbie

Imagine that ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ from Scorsese and Kelly’s ‘Singing in the Rain’ had a child; so this would be calledBabylon‘. From the first he would inherit the excesses of all the vices to exist and exist, while with the second he would stay with his physique. And it’s thatBabylon‘ could just as easily be ‘Singing in the Rain’ fueled by drugs, sex and lots of partying. where on this tape everything is sovereignly bigger to the point where we get lost in jazz and chaos. Not only is it a tribute to one of the best musicals in film history, but it’s also an offering to Hollywood, as only the director of Providence knows how to do. If you’ve ever wanted to be on a shoot, the sensations that this film conveys will make you see what it’s like to work in the film industry. Rushes, lack of time, problems and more problems; yes, this is filmmaking. And even if it seems a little exhausting, don’t be confused, it’s much worse.

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Recesses and more darkness.

Babylon, Brad Pitt

It goes without saying that the mastery that Chazelle he has been winning for every film he has shot is impressive, but on this occasion he does not stop showing his genius. From long shot sequences that accompany us to parties, to crazy choreographies. Everything you want and more, and it’s only 3 hours long. Even if it is long in duration, the good of damien he will do whatever is at hand so you don’t get bored. Each scene is a dare that can only come from the head. There are scenes that put you so completely in the tape that even the characters seem to convey these feelings. On the other hand, the script is pure and hard architecture. The characters are not the only ones that evolve, also time and society. What is powerful about this film is how these three parts collide with each other; how each of the characters collide and fight over time. Something worth seeing.

Now, let’s listen to a bit of Hurwitz in Babylon

Babylon, Jovan Adepo

And what would it be? damien Chazelle without Justin Hurwitz? He would probably be a director who lacks that spark of vitality in his films. Both have come a long way to get this ode to Hollywood. The duo can already read each other’s minds, they know what each one wants. And without saying a word they create magic. I have listened to the soundtrack of ‘Babylonand not even a week ago since I went to see the film. And no, I haven’t heard anything about this soundtrack before, I was hoping to enjoy it after seeing this work on the big screen. I advise you not to listen to anything from the soundtrack without having seen the film, so it will fill you with more sensations. This gentleman shows us that composing for the cinema remains a greater art that does not deserve to be despised for being a simple accompaniment. Even in history, music has its corner. Where jazz shines over Hollywood.

I talk a little more and keep quiet.

Rarely does a movie that I had high expectations for surpass me. And this has been able to reach the stratosphere. And that I don’t like to have high expectations because then I get disappointed. But on this occasion I ended up with my mouth open, not knowing what to say. Dumb for the master Chazelle. This is cinema with a capital letter. For movies like these you have to go to the cinema, it doesn’t matter what it costs. I surrender to the duo.

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