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Can medical cannabis be used as a treatment for anorexia?

Are you worried about your health?

It really doesn’t get any better than that. But if your health-conscious efforts go far beyond the periphery of diet, consult your doctor. Chances are you’re struggling with anorexia.

Anorexia or eating disorders are being noticed in different countries. According to facts and figures, between 3.4% and 7.8% of the world’s population suffer from eating disorders. If we take the US figures, about 9% of people suffer from the same disease.

This is a psychological illness and there are treatment methodologies available. But cannabis is considered extremely useful in combating eating disorders. If you want to know more about it, you can visit this website to get a complete understanding of anorexia and its treatment methodologies with medical cannabis.

Symptoms of anorexia

Before we do any study on the treatment of anorexia, let’s do a little study on mental illness in general. Anorexia nervosa or anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by low body mass, low body weight, and an intense fear of gaining weight.

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Here people run wild in search of getting the body in the desired shape. In order to achieve the desired body shape, they reduce food intake to extremely unhealthy levels. Consequently, they are extremely thin. These are some of the symptoms of anorexia. Physical symptoms of anorexia include:

● Extreme weight loss.

● Slim appearance.

● Fatigue.

● Insomnia.

● Hair becomes thin and hair loss becomes common.

● Absence of menstruation.

● Constipation and abdominal pain.

These are the main symptoms. Apart from these, there are some other symptoms which include low blood pressure, dehydration, swelling of arms and legs and intolerance to cold, dry and yellow skin. These people usually struggle with an abnormally low body weight.

Apart from these, there are some psychological or behavioral symptoms, and they include excessive exercise, skipping meals frequently, eating some safe food that is usually low in fat and calories, and social withdrawal. Also, they can’t eat in public.

Can medical cannabis be used as a treatment for anorexia?

Treatment of anorexia is long-term and must be under the observation of a psychologist for a long time. There are different forms of treatment available for anorexia.

But the use of medical cannabis can be an effective treatment against anorexia. Clinical studies are underway to substantiate the health benefits of CBT. But different scientific observations claim that medical cannabis can be used to successfully treat anorexia.


Different scientific studies point out that the contemporary generation is stressed by the burden of the current lifestyle. It can be observed that the contemporary lifestyle has increased stress among people. A hectic lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and less sleep time are weakening a person from within.

Based on different clinical studies, it is confirmed that cannabis can be a good option to treat stress. Cannabis has medical benefits that can not only keep you calm and compounded by also acts to reduce stress. Now, if you successfully reduce stress, you will be hungry.


Different circumstances have increased anxiety among people. The increased anxiety about not achieving things weakens not only psychologically but also physically. Today’s unhealthy lifestyle can be attributed to the rise in anxiety among people.

Cannabis has the power to calm anxiety and make you calm and composed from within. This mood is good for being hungry. Cannabis that contains TSH or tetrahydrocannabinol works to send signals to our body about hunger, so you can feel the hunger from within.

Weight management

The best you have with cannabis weight management. When you are hungry and eat an excessive amount of food, it adds extra weight to your body.

But scientific observation claims that those who consume CBD will feel hungry. But even if they consume a lot of food, they will not gain weight. This observation has really sparked the motivation for more scientific studies on anorexia nervosa. So if you eat a lot of food, you won’t gain much weight.

Cannabis for anorexia: how does it work?

Cannabis contains THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. They have some psychological effects on the body; they are called munchies. THC stimulates the brain’s endocannabinoid system. When it attaches to the olfactory bulb, it enhances the taste and aroma of food. This leads to hunger cues. This is the technical thing that is associated.

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A 2014 study says that people who consumed CBD in their food experienced greater pleasure in eating food. In addition, they consumed more food than they had been eating during the Anorexia stage. The study was done mainly in the 24 subjects.

They were given a placebo or dronabinol. After some time it was observed that the patients, on average, gained about 1.6 pounds. These symptoms are taken positively. The best thing that really came out of the study is that the patients showed no signs of addiction to CBD, and even had no withdrawal problems. Therefore, it could be observed that medical cannabis has some positive effects in the treatment of anorexia.

The mainstream is still not convinced

Many clinical studies and observations were conducted and positive results came out. They are an indicator of the fact that cannabis is effective in the treatment of patients with anorexia.

But unfortunately, the general population is not ready to accept these findings and they are demanding substantial evidence. Experts recognize the benefits of marijuana and consider it an alternative form of treatment, but they are not at risk of officially accepting that cannabis is useful in combating anorexia.

However, the global market for CBD products continues to rise, bringing positive news for the market in general and holistic well-being in particular.

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