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Cameron vs Cameron for the historic podium

The 2 billion for the sequel to Avatar is here. This number was a plausible reality since its release despite the headlines and news encouraging a miraculous conversion from failure to total success. However, right now, as the end of his commercial career at the box office approaches, James Cameron will be forced to fight against himself for the third place in the world record. An Avatar vs Titanic is coming.

With 2116.5 million collected at the worldwide box office, and still with a few more weeks to go, Avatar: the sense of water, it is moving towards an end that is well above the 2000 million that will close any debate generated weeks ago for the clickbait drive (or for not devoting a minimal amount of time to the operation of the box office in a film like Avatar, so unlike a Marvel type). There was never failure but the same behavior as Titanic i Avatar (hello? Does it sound like a possible relationship with the film we are talking about?) so with this debut of +500 it gave us hints of an ending with many options to exceed 2000 million. And so it has been. But how far can it go?

With 15.7 million in North America, it remains at number 1 for another week, it has already accumulated 620.6 million and is increasingly aiming to reach and exceed 700 million. Same hundred, unadjusted, in which its predecessor finished in 2010. Worldwide, with a weekend of more than 58.1 million, it rises to almost 2117 million. We highlight the 237.1 million in China (when it has been lost due to the Covid situation… Maybe we are talking about 200-300 million more), the incredible 136.9 million in France, 124.4 in Germany, 103.3 in Korea, 85.7 in the Kingdom United (contrary to French), 58.6 in Australia or Spain’s excellent 49.7 (tenth market and point for the 50 million).

The sequel to the 2009 film is currently the highest-grossing in history in: France, Austria, Norway, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Lebanon, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. Georgia, Cambodia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Colombia, Puerto Rico. Some countries may still join this list.

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Avatar: the sense of water it now has very flat declines (percentage weekly box office loss), especially in the star zone, Europe. 2200 is an absolute reality in about 10-14 days. We believe that its end is on track for an extraordinary 2350-2450 million . With this it would give him to place third in the historical world surpassing the 2194.6 of Titanic (accumulated box office between 1997 and its re-releases although only the +1800 from 1998 is enough to crush almost all the competition if we adjust properly). The problem, of capricious fate in the calendar, is that just when this happens, Titanic will return to theaters in the 25th anniversary re-release.

The accounts at the box office are clear.. Yes Avatar: the sense of water get, let’s put, 2.4 billion final, Titanic he would need to gather around 200 in his re-release to keep his third place in the historical world. In principle (a word that with James Cameron is almost risky to use) the sequel of Avatar should be above. Anyway James Cameron already has 3 of the top 4 films in history in terms of unadjusted worldwide box office. incredible

Box office stories: Titanic (1997)

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