Brain-boosting foods every student needs

A true student is always hungry. Therefore, it is understandable that most of the time, students are on a budget. But the key reason is to work hard. College students need to focus on things and stay productive. Therefore, they very quickly waste the energy they get from food.

If you saw the movie Twilight, you probably remember this episode. Edward Cullen’s siblings are sitting at a table in the school cafeteria. There is nothing on their table, they don’t need food. Still, they are full of energy.

Other teenagers at the university treated them with distrust. I bet they did. What kind of student doesn’t need food to regain their power and gain energy? The chance that you are the distant relative of Count Dracula is slim. So you should learn how to stimulate your brain with the help of food to be as fast as Edward Cullen.

If you’re about to close your tab on this article because you don’t have the energy to read it all the way through, pay us another paragraph. Give yourself some free time: pay for papers at and use the time you save for another important purpose. Research brain-boosting foods that will make your life as a student easier.

Foods to include in your diet

Superhuman strength, endurance and agility. Do you think we’re still talking about Robert Pattinson’s tireless character? In fact, these were his strongest points. However, we listed them for a different purpose. It will help you see why you should include the products listed below in your daily menu.


Let’s put avocados first not only in alphabetical order. They deserve to be number one because:

  • good monounsaturated fats;
  • vitamins B, C and K;
  • folate

Its health benefits are incredible. For example, they keep blood sugar levels stable and prevent blood clots in the brain. Maybe you’re too young to worry about that. But improving your memory and concentration should sound interesting to you!

Avocado is also a great ingredient for cooking. You can slice the firmer ones to add to your salads. You can use the softer ones for smoothies. Its creamy texture makes every smoothie you make unforgettably tasty.

bone broth

It is an ancient food. Our ancestors seemed to know its benefits well enough. It’s something that needs to be cooked, but hey, it’s just simmering. But look at the health benefits you get with every sip of your cup of steaming hot liquid:

  • heal your gut;
  • improve joint health;
  • overcome food allergies;
  • boosting your immune system.

You may think everything is fine, but you’re not a retired person falling apart. It only takes a little energy to remember the architectural styles of the 19th century and the rules for using articles in German. Proline and glycine (healing amino acids contained in bone broth) will improve your memory. You may even remember the words proline and glycine.

coconut oil

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The “C” on our list is coconut oil. It contains ketone bodies that have a neuroprotective impact on the aging of brain cells. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the future. It may sound too scientific for you. How about this: It suppresses the cells responsible for brain inflammation. Sounds like a good way to protect it, doesn’t it?

Some people only associate coconut oil with body care. Don’t train yourself to go to your bathroom and drink your coconut lotion – that’s a really bad idea. Real coconut milk is a wonderful alternative to cow’s milk – vegans can prove it. Foodies can try the Coconut Crust Pizza, have you ever heard of it?

Extra virgin olive oil

Did you notice we skipped the letter D? If not, grab some dark chocolate to improve your concentration. And let’s move on to E, particularly famous in the Mediterranean diet.

I really believe that Greeks look happy and relaxed thanks to the benefits of the oil they consume every day. I’m not surprised to find that they put a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil in their morning tea or coffee.

Thanks to its powerful antioxidants and healthy monounsaturated fats, it is one of the most recommended brain foods. But all its healthy properties evaporate at high temperatures. Therefore, it is not the best idea to use this oil for cooking – it is a waste of healthy elements that it can give you.

fatty fish

If you know what brain fog means, you are deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids. Order sushi delivery or treat your friends to salmon steaks instead of pizza. Sardines, tuna or trout are also good choices to restore Omega-3 deficiency.


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We assumed that you should know the usefulness of green leafy vegetables. But you may not be that familiar with herbs. That is why we would like to focus on this topic. Make a mental tick every time you read the name of a familiar herb:

  • basil;
  • cilantro;
  • mint;
  • parsley;
  • sage;
  • rosemary

How many of them did you know? And how many are in your diet? Hopefully, there will be more. Because its anti-inflammatory properties and level of antioxidants will help you a lot.


It would be wrong to think that between H and T there are no brain stimulating foods. But we don’t want to overload you with information, no matter how useful it is. You know this very well as a student: too much theory without practice is never efficient.

Not only herbs, but also spices have incredible health benefits. Thanks to curcumin (a chemical compound in turmeric), it is extremely powerful. Your brain will feel a better oxygen intake. It will help you process information better.

Also, turmeric can add a nice yellow color to your dishes. And psychologists say it’s important to have different colored foods on your plate to eat happily and digest well. So try combining some red fish with green leafy vegetables and turmeric yellow rice for a wonderful effect!


Our last letter today will be the W. It would be a crime not to talk about walnuts in an article about brain-boosting foods. Your cognitive health will improve even if you eat just a couple of walnuts a day. You can only imagine what happens if you eat a handful!

It’s never a question of what you should look for in a supermarket: a packet of crisps or a bag of nuts. The first option is to dehydrate yourself. The second will give you energy. Isn’t it obvious?

bottom line

The main purpose of this article was to show you that having a healthy diet is as easy as ABC. The list of good brain boosting foods is not limited to these 8 items. But even if you just include them, you’ll notice how grateful your body and brain are.

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