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Black Friday in aesthetics: what’s cheap gets expensive

Several medical societies are coming together to warn about the dangers of aesthetic treatments at reduced prices: infections, viral or bacterial contamination or necrosis are some of the consequences of bad practice if we take advantage of fraudulent offers on Black Friday.

Your health is not worth less during the Black Friday week, never treat yourself to low prices: this is the message that several national and international scientific societies are sending to society in the face of sales in aesthetics on the last Friday of November.

The Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) and others 16 scientific societies, among which the Portuguese Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SPME) or the Association of Aesthetic Medicine of Madrid (AMEM) stand out, warns about the health risks of discount treatments. Because these actions, far from benefiting aesthetic medicine, tarnish its image.

And it is that under this type of offers or promotions procedures can be masked that do not comply with the quality standards necessary for patient safety.

Be wary of beauty promotions for Black Friday

In this sense, the president of SEME, Dr. Juan Antonio López Pitalúa, points out an obvious fact in the field of aesthetic medicine: discounts are not free.

“Esthetic doctors never offer medical treatments because it would imply a decrease in the quality of the same and the products used, compromising the safety and health of our patients”, points out López-Pitalúa.

The drop in prices, therefore, can be indicative of malpractice.

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EFE/Guillaume Horcajuelo

Risks of lowered aesthetics

Thus, the president of SEME collects some consequences of cheap aesthetic medicine.

An aesthetic treatment that does not meet quality standards can lead to:

  • inflammation
  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • necrosis
  • Loss of sight

Contrary to the ethical code?

The ethical code of the medical profession is clear: discount campaigns for the application of facial and/or body aesthetic treatments are contrary to it. This is how hers collects it article 65where it is determined that “it is not ethical for the doctor to present that his services are offered as a contest prize or business promotion of any kind”.

Despite this, and despite numerous complaints from scientific societies, discounted medical treatments are still being offered on the occasion of Black Friday.

“All we have to do is educate, inform the population and teach them to choose science and health”, say Ruth García Moro and Sergio Hernández, member and second vice-president of SEME, respectively.

Intrusion and impunity

This situation is aggravated by the medical intrusion that the sector suffers from and that produces a widespread feeling of impunity and a wrong perception of aesthetic medicine.

Intrusion in this field is a real problem: there are many who practice as doctors and who do not have a license, medical degree or a center authorized by the Ministry of Health. During 2022, around 500 complaints have already been processed and the number continues to grow.

Knowing the big picture is essential to knowing when a bargain is more of a scam than luck.

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