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“Being happy is urgent”, the keys to transforming your life

What are the keys to being happy? For psychologist Cristina Martínez, the recipe for achieving this is not easy but not impossible and highlights as the main ingredients self-knowledge and considering every day if what we do today leads us to where we want to be tomorrow.

Doctorate in Psychology cum laude and with more than 20 years of experience, Martínez has embarked on the adventure of writing her first book under the title Being happy is urgent (Planeta) where she offers us keys to achieve it.

In an interview with EFEsalud, he explains that he decided to write the book when the pandemic brought to light people’s great need to manage their emotions.

So, he decided to dump the knowledge in these 332 pages full of keys so that the reader can be happy.

“Many people cannot afford private treatment and cannot access public health care because the severity of their problem is not sufficient to be treated by a specialist,” points out the mental health expert.

A toolbox for self-knowledge

He hopes the book will introduce people to “a bunch” of problem-solving resources because, “at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about,” that if you have a difficulty that’s bothering you, “you have a toolbox that you can use “.

“The key to achieving this is to delve deeper into yourself”, he says, because if you do not know yourself well and are not able to discover who you are, what you are like, what you need, where you are going, why and where you would like to go “it will be difficult you will be able to direct your life towards these meaningful goals”.

be happy keys
The author of the book, psychologist Cristina Martínez/Photo courtesy of Planeta. Author: Xavi Garcia.

He wants to make it clear from the beginning, already with the title of the work, that “being happy is a priority” because in life we ​​are passing through and any day the game ends and everything ends. “You no longer have time to live what you wanted, you have to live in capital letters, this is the goal”.

Are you ready to start the most important journey?

And he asks the reader if he is ready to start this journey, the most important in life, to make the best work of art, because he warns that it is not at all easy: “It takes courage, courage and desire”.

“You can’t design your dream life without effort”, points out the author, who clarifies that to take this journey towards self-knowledge and the design of your dream life, “you need to work, put energy into breaking with things from your past that even now they have been weighing you down” and that you have not seen yourself able to get rid of them.

“Being happy is urgent” is a book, as the author says, “complete”, with keys, which collects “homework” for the reader and introduces them through the story of the protagonist, Carla, a 29-year-old girl who , apparently, he has everything: a small penthouse in Barcelona, ​​a job, friends, a well-to-do family… but he’s missing something, he doesn’t feel right.

How do we know something is wrong?

The expert assures that she has found “many carles” in the consultation. “She’s the standard person, I think most people can feel represented Who doesn’t have problems at work? Who doesn’t have problems with a newbie who dumped them? Who doesn’t have problems with the demanding father?, he says.

be happy keys

In this sense, he wants to make the reader see with the book, with numerous keys, that something is wrong if he has everything but is not happy, if he does not rest at night, if he is permanently nervous or insecure and lives a continuous situation of emotional discomfort because in the end “emotions are messengers, both pleasant and unpleasant”. They are there to give us a message, to alert us to anything.

Martínez assures that “we are the result of the decisions we have made in the past” and if one realizes that he is at a point that does not satisfy him, that he is not happy, he has the responsibility to make the necessary adjustments to life towards the direction that seems to him.

“If you want to go to the island of the treasure, of your treasure, each one must mark one, it is the key to happiness, to go in search of what is meaningful for each one, if I do not know which island I have if I go, my boat will be in the middle of some tides that come to know where it takes us”, comments the psychologist.

Also, Martínez emphasizes the need to have emotional intelligence because “you can be the best at solving mathematical problems, an ax studying abstract concepts of metaphysics but if you don’t have the ability to relate to others, you will hardly be able to succeed in life”.

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