Being an extra or silhouette – a way to make money easily

Watching Netflix series, movies, or clips of your favorite songs is part of your daily life, and have you ever wondered how these people you see walking or laughing in the background came about? Imagine that they are people like you and me, without acting talent (for my part) or knowledge in cinema, they are often there for experience and remuneration. Tempting, right?

In fact, it’s easy to make money playing the role of an extra or a figure during a shoot. Surely you have to wonder what differentiates these two roles and the answer is simple: compensation.

Figurative or silhouette, what’s the difference?

When we talk about movies or advertising, we often hear about them “appear”But what is it? An extra is a person seen on stage in a movie or series. I insist on the verb “see” as its passage is short and barely visible to the camera. In fact, his name is not written in the script.

Its function is to perform a small action such as eating, walking, talking to another figure, in order to create atmosphere. The minimum wage for a day of figuration would be according to etoilecasting of about 130 €.

The role ofa silhouette as for him, he is defined in a scene, so he is more present than an extra. The silhouette is visible on the camera and you must sign documents to release your image rights. There are two types of silhouettes: the talking silhouette and the silent silhouette. The difference? Compensation.

The dumb silhouette only plays a role of presence, its minimum remuneration according to etoilecasting is approximately € 125 while a talking figure should not exceed 5 words and its remuneration varies between € 125 and € 172 approximately.

Curious fact: if the silhouette exceeds these 5 words, she will become an actress.

If you want to be discreet during filming, opt for the extras, if instead you expect to go from shadow to light by exchanging 5 words with … who knows? Leonardo Dicaprio or George Clooney? The role of the silhouette is made for you!

How to apply for a casting?

I highly recommend the etoilecasting site which offers you many castings as well as castings in modeling, reality TV, series, clip, if you want to gain even more experience in front of the camera. You can also stop by the Pôle Emploi show.

As stated before, you don’t need to be an actor to audition for a casting, you just need a little preparation.

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